PulseLine: Councilor Morganelli’s social media post

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This is question for Councilor Nick Morganelli Jr. Please explain to me and everyone reading this post, what gives you the right to post someone’s license plate number on the We Love Westfield Community Forum (Facebook page) because you believe they are not a good driver? I can’t begin to tell you how inappropriate that is. I can understand getting frustrated on peoples driving but what you did is down right rude. The Westfield News reached out to Councilor Nick Morganelli for a response and here is what he had to say: I stand on the same position I have had since I ran for office in 2007.  I will not put time into responding to rants where a person cannot put their name to it so we can talk about it like two adults over a cup of coffee. Many thanks to all  who replied with positive comments on what I believe was my civic duty.

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