PulseLine, February 28, 2015

In the Westfield News is a perfect example of Westfield people not supporting Westfield businesses. There’s an ad for a WHS senior class fundraiser being done at, of all places, the Dante club in West Springfield. Seriously? WESTFIELD high school couldn’t find a place in WESTFIELD to have this event? Then, I’m at the paper’s new coffee shop earlier today when I over hear the owner, Mr. Berry, make a comment that he was at the WHS swim team banquet at Crestview country club in Agawam last night. What are the organizers of these events thinking taking their events out of Westfield? Idiots! They must have learned from our mayor who did a fundraiser at a restaurant in Agawam. C’mon folks, we need to support our own local business!!

To the City Council….I attempt to watch your meetings but lately you’re in an intermittent frozen state. With all that was paid to improve City Hall I’m sorry to say that does not make me HAPPY

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