PulseLine June 18, 2012

The Westfield Arboretum Project will meet in the Reed Room of the Athenaeum on Tuesday, June 19 at 1pm. We will be reviewing progress on the website (it’s up! “treesofwestfield.org), planning summer work parties, and establishing the fall work plan. Newcomers are welcome: FMI 977-9217. May the forest be with you!

It’s an accident waiting to happen. Over the new bridge, every single car that I have seen in the left lane crosses over to the right after the first stoplight without even looking. They don’t seem to understand that is the lane that cars coming in from Meadow Street are using. The cars then do the same thing right past the second light. They shoot over to the right lane. Someone needs to create better lanes or signs before something happens.

I see that The Westfield News is evolving with some great results! I really enjoy the “This week in Westfield History” column, even went to the 100th anniversary party at the old City Hotel that I’d never heard of until your article, the “Around Town” coverage and Amy Porter’s articles about the hilltowns. Thanks.

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