PulseLine, June 21, 2012

Attention all drivers: this is your first lesson on driving etiquette.  When you approach an obstruction on your side of the road you must STOP until safe to move forward!!!! That does not mean go into oncoming traffic. And when you do come into my lane of traffic, and I blow my horn, do not flip me off. My young son is in the car. We all took the same driving test…… next I will explain the right way to avoid emergency vehicles when they approach…. and remember a little courtesy won’t kill ya… a dumb driver will.

Let me get this straight. The Westfield Police are idiots because you called 911 over skateboarding kids in front of the food pantry?

I enjoyed seeing the photographs of South Middle’s National Junior Honor Society Night in the paper last week. I hope you will be sharing some of North Middle’s NJHS photographs as well.

On Tuesday when I was at the Big Y next to the Post Office there was a person with a wolf mask on that covered his whole head. He was on his hands and knees smelling the yellow flowers in front of the Big Y and scratching the dirt like a dog. Why were the police not called? Obviously this person has a severe problem or he was drunk or high. I’m 85 years old and I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw him. I was very, very scared and was lucky my car was on the other side of the parking lot so I didn’t have to walk past him. Other people that were there were also scared. Why were the police not called? That is pretty stupid. Thank you. We understand your concern. However, did you contact the store manager to inform him/her of the situation? Did you call the police?

I would like to offer a hearty ‘I hear you man’ to the Westfield parent that mentioned the despicable and disgusting graffiti the ‘artists’ have been leaving on the city’s playgrounds. It’s bad enough that the city is about to take away one of the remaining green spaces within a few miles of downtown with the megaschool, now poor young children have to deal with teenagers, cigarette butts, trash and whatever else gets left at the area playgrounds. It’s only a matter of time before the same garbage is seen at the new parks being built as well as the megaschool and it’s facilities. If you’re not of age to play on a playground, go home and do homework or bother your own parents. Don’t ruin my child’s good time. Boom.

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