PulseLine, March 18, 2013

I hope everyone that reads this does a search on SMART METER DANGERS. It is very interesting and you will find many websites that explain why we should not be forced to have the Smart Meters installed on our houses. That is exactly what is starting to happen here in Westfield. They pose Health Hazards and there are many communities all over the US that have banned them. I would also appreciate the Westfield News doing a non bias article on this subject. The Facts. Our story on this issue from June of last year can be accessed online at this address: https://thewestfieldnews.com/big-brother-not-coming-to-westfield

Did you notice the announcement in the Big Y ad that came out on Thursday, about a 10 percent discount being offered for Tuesday, March 19.  Because this ad is for senior citizens, 65 and older, I’m wondering why the print is SO small?!

My God! Three pictures in Friday’s paper of the Sullivan clan. There are plenty of people here in Westfield who are not so sorry that he is gone.

There was a time I enjoyed reading the PulseLine, but as of late, I find some comments so totally ridiculous and inflammatory, I can’t help but wonder why on earth Westfield News prints this garbage.  It is demeaning to the paper.  I specifically refer to the “smart-mouth idiots”, who obviously delight in negative attention and enjoy reading their stupid comments in print.  PLEASE, enough already.  Be a bit more selective in what you allow in the Pulse Line.  Thank you.  Many people want the PulseLine printed as is. Aside from our policies on PulseLine submissions we will print them all no matter how ridiculous, as you’ve seen recently.

We all would like to know when the new center city park would be finished. It needs the new gazebo and the light fixtures finished. It’s nice that the Voc students are working on the gazebo but it’s truly time to finish this long running project. Perhaps the mayor could give us a timetable and you folks print it in the Westfield News. Also we still see the old Springfield Republican building on the corner of School Street and the park remains a substantial eyesore. The person that owns the building lives in the area, perhaps the Westfield News could print their name. This building has not been painted in over 20 years, it’s about time the mayor and city council did something to bring the building up to the standard of the surrounding buildings. Who is this owner, do they not care about their property or our town?

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