PulseLine, March 26, 2014

Hi! I’m calling the PulseLine just to get an idea out, and I known it is not up to the PulseLine to solve it, but with all the snow we’ve had, in regard to burning brush, the date you got to burn is up to April 30th. So I’ve got four acres of property that I maintain with some of it still got six inches of snow on it. So there’s no way I’m going to get this all cleaned up and burned off before April 30th. So anybody out there with any influence that might be able to extend the burning time I sure would appreciate it. Thank you very much, and thank you PulseLine.  Please refer to Peter Francis’ story today: “Burn period unlikely to be extended”

I was very disappointed to see that the process of renewing our dog licenses by mail using the yearly Census form has been discontinued this year. What was once an easy ‘task’ to take care of has now become more complicated and time consuming for the average citizen. The City of Westfield is now requiring it’s citizens to contact Animal Control or the Westfield Police to get renewal licenses for their dogs. I suggest that an “on-line” process be instituted for license renewal as an alternative method. I predict a “drop off” in license renewals as a result of this “change” which in my opinion is not for the “better”. Why “fix” something was not broken? Why change a procedure that was instituted under a former administration that worked for the average law abiding citizen? Although dog licenses may still be renewed by mail, they may not be renewed with the annual city census form as those two programs are now handled by different offices. Residents may find and print the mail-in dog registration form from the Animal Control page of the city’s website but should remember that, whether a dog is licensed in person or by mail, proof of rabies vaccination and, if applicable, documentation of castration or spaying will be necessary.

For the woman looking for the fur hat in Big Y parking lot. I’m happy you posted the claim. The hat was dry cleaned and returned to Big Y service desk. It’s been there for two weeks now.

This goes out to the honest person that turned in my pocketbook at the Big Y. I don’t know what I was thinking about. I put my groceries in the car, I headed out to the gas station and I looked on the floor and I left the purse in the shopping cart. To the honest person who turned it in, thank you very much. I’ve done the same thing myself, turning in things I’ve found but I was so scared because all my stuff was in there: license, hardly any money but all the valuable stuff, so thank you very much to that person. It renews my faith in humanity. Thank you very much. Bye.

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