PulseLine, May 7, 2013

So the short of it is WGE charges for programs that they think are equal or better then investor owned utilities and even if you do not use the program it is worked into your bill? Well on the 12 percent I find it funny that if you research municipal utilities many seem to save you 12 percent? A residential electric rate comparison can be found here.

Good morning. Last night, Friday, around 5:00, I’m traveling down East Mountain Road, maybe for the hundredth time. And I don’t live on East Mountain Road but there’s an older person who has now probably for the third or fourth time loaded his house with cardboard, garbage… can’t get into the house. He now, at least yesterday, he was dropping another grouping of cardboard and trash. His whole complete lawn is completely covered. I think it’s time for the city of Westfield to, once again, clear this property. But do something on a permanent basis. I know that they spent $7-8,000 to clear out this property. This area’s got to be rat-infested. I feel as if the city of Westfield should do it once again but with a permanent nature on this piece of property. It’s in the 1,200 area. You cannot miss it. Have a good day.

Hi! Well, the good-old boys in Southwick have done it again, really good this time. Fifteen-hundred feet of pipe laid and nobody knows who authorized it or anything like that. I hope Tracy Cesan gets in on this and straightens it out. This has got to stop. All it’s doing in the long run is costing the taxpayers, the people of Southwick a lot of money. Thank you.

The West Side mayor says the property taxes are going down in that city for the second year in a row due to ten percent department slashing of budgets and overtime. I’m wondering why that cannot be done in this city. Maybe if we got rid of the contractual obligations the next time around for police construction sites and used civilian flaggers exclusively. If it’s not in the contract, change the contract next time. If it’s against the law to use civilian flaggers, change the law. This cop “gravy train” has got to end. Anyone can hold a flag and be alert.

Dear PulseLine, (I hope that you print this because right is right and wrong is wrong! And there were plenty of people there that were hopping mad) I am writing to you about Opening Day Ceremonies at the Southwick Rec. Center. What a great day for the girls and boys who love playing softball and baseball. The day would have been perfect except it reminded me of an old Clint Eastwood movie “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”. The Good…….was the great weather. The girls and boys in their colorful uniforms. The great parade and all the candy they threw at me, sometimes a little too hard. The wonderful baseball fields so neatly done and detailed. All the wonderful volunteers that come together to make that great event happen and throughout the year. The smell of hot dogs and hamburgers. Wow it was good… The Bad……was that I had to leave early and could not stay longer. The Ugly……was why on earth would Joe Deedy show up with his Ding Dong Ice Cream Cart to sell ice cream and advertise at the same time he is RUNNING FOR SELECTMEN. I am sorry Mr. Deedy you lost this Republican’s vote and my wife’s. My understanding is that the Rec Center is a NON PROFIT Organization and they use the money they make on the snack shack to reinvest in the kids and the fields they play on. Don’t you make enough off the people of Southwick at your ice cream parlor you have in town, you have to show up with your ice cream cart and park less than 120 feet from the snack shack where they are selling their own ice cream for the kids. That says it all to me. I was happy to see that the people of Southwick, Granville, and Tolland got it right though. There were long lines at the snack shack and not one person at the Ding Dong cart. Hmmmm Ding Dong Cart. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction! Thank You

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