PulseLine, November 16, 2012

So the paper is going up to $4.50 a week. I will expect some huge improvements but I see none forthcoming. It must be the editor needs a raise. I wish.

Just a question about our latest group of citizens or importees or whatever they want to call themselves. Why is it the responsibility of United States taxpayers to support these people? They come with 6-10 kids, come with nothing, but they have decided to emigrate here. There were no guns to their heads saying: “get on the plane you’re going. They made this decision for themselves. I am retired now. I served my country and worked hard and so now I am retired. Why do these people or the government think they we should support them. I don’t get it. When my grandparents came they got off a boat in Ellis Island legally. There was nobody out there to help them. You didn’t speak English? Well, you learned English and you went to work. You did not ride the tide and let the public taxpayers pay for you. I’m really sick of it. The giveaways have to stop somewhere. Enough is enough. Are there no prisons, are there no workhouses? We assume what they want to call themselves are Americans. And thank you for your service to our country.

I’m just wondering if anybody noticed that Bartlett Street is kind of on the narrow side now so if you try to exit out of Bartlett Street on to Elm Street that you like do a curb shot every time you try to pull out of there. I just can’t imagine the buses being able to come out of St. Mary’s and turn that corner and be able to make it. I also noticed that on Orange Street, in order for a bus to turn on to Orange Street, the people have to be like halfway down the building, or back up down the street in order for the bus to turn the corners now. I don’t know whether or not the people actually took into account that buses do travel on these roads, especially the side streets to pick up our children for school in the morning. It’s awfully time-consuming when a bus has to wait there for quite a length of time in order to turn that corner. I’ve noticed the bus coming later and later in the morning on our street, Orange Street. It usually comes between twenty of and quarter of 7 and now it’s arriving down our street and like 5 of sometimes. I just think it’s been a bother for these bus drivers. Not only that, for people with big vehicles or somebody carrying a trailer on the back of a truck, not to actually go over a curb trying to get on to Bartlett Street or off of Bartlett Street.

PEOPLE OF WESTFIELD! You need to stay in your lanes while driving. I realize there are a couple places in town where the white lines are a bit odd…  but all you need to do is follow them. If you drift into someone else’s lane and hit them YOU will be at fault since you drove into THEIR lane. Don’t get mad at them and honk at them for following the lines like your suppose to be doing. Thank you.

I read with surprise and dismay the hurtful comments made recently by a PulseLine caller about the proprietors of China Star.  I have been a customer there for years, literally since the day they opened their restaurant.  I have ALWAYS found both Mary and Jimmy to be unfailingly friendly, polite and accommodating.  I have watched their three children grow up to become polite and responsible young adults.  Some say that I am easily offended and hard to satisfy but I have never had reason to complain about the service at China Star or the behaviour of the management.

I see Mary at China Star as efficient, she gets your order, checks it, and gets you out of there to go home and eat. Sometimes being efficient is also interpreted as being gruff or curt by people.

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