PulseLine, November 21, 2012

I called the clerk’s office today trying to find out the phone number of my ward 2 councilor. I was informed that we still do not have a councilor! When I asked why it hasn’t been filled in 3 months, she told me because that it is in the mayor’s hands. she informed me that someone got second place but the council refused to put this person in! I have questions for my councilor and I am not being represented! the people of ward 2 selected a second person, and because councilors from other wards refused to act, I now have no councilor, and the mayor is going to choose for me who represents me! ward 2 chose and the mayor should choose this person as well! mayor, we live in a democratic republic, this is how we are supposed to be represented, not have someone imposed on us. choose the second place person and let’s get ward 2 represented again!

Russ, don’t let the punks of the world get you down.  I’ve known you for over 50 years and would believe you first over some new guy any day.  Your letter showed your class and the true story.

Last year I rang bells for the Salvation Army and was happy to do so. I suggested to the Arnold Street chapter that to receive any kind of freebies, food toys, or clothes, you should be required to do a two-hour bell ringing service.  A very small price to pay.  I would like to ring bells again, and I would like to know if this policy has changed, because if it hasn’t a people can just line up for whatever they can get for free without any contribution, I will never do it again.  To be sure these are tough economic times, even for those who have jobs. I understand the need for the food pantry and I give as much as I can.  However, in the last 2 weeks, I have received in the mail 12 requests for donations.  And if anyone doubts me, I’ll be glad to produce them.  From veterans, The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, it just goes on and on. It’s just endless.  While these people probably are in need and most are sincere organizations, they have to understand that even for those that have a job, things are tight.

A Massachusetts State Trooper, living in Southwick, with an arrogant Napoleonic attitude toward Russell Fox, one of the good guys in that Town’s political arena.  Why does this not surprise me?  The cop and his wife should have just a little bit of respect for the Town fathers and stop making themselves look like donkeys.

Why do people continue to SPEED through school zones when the light’s are flashing 20 miles per hour not 40! I don’t understand why people would put our children at risk. Maybe we need camera’s at these intersections because having police car there doesn’t work, people “behave”. It’s very sad how little people care for the safety of our kids to give up 2 seconds of time….

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