PulseLine, November 28, 2012

I’m calling about one of Westfield’s finest. Funny, he’s only been here for a couple months but Sunday night my dad fell and I’m disabled and my dad just had a knee operation so we couldn’t get him up and he’s in a walker. And there’s a fire on Western Avenue and Officer Schultze, he’s been here two months, a very nice kid and boy – you could smell the rookie on him, and he just took over and lifted him up and then had to get my neighbor, Ralph next door, living on Shaker Road here. Great neighbors all around and I just want to thank Officer Schultze and Ralph for helping get my dad back up, get off his butt. He’s 85 years old and he’s tough lifting. And I hope everyone is OK in the fire on Western Ave.

With the past years of cutting taxes in our state and elimination of many programs and cuts in anything from schools and teachers, and city funding known as prop. 2 1/2. Now with the recent funding from our pres. and the creation of jobs. Also doing things like roads and bridges and many other things. I think we should here in our very own state and our city think of safety issues.We should reopen another fire station on Western Ave. for the outlining areas and think of safety for them residents in them areas. The eastern part of the city has a sub station and North road and them others are way out and on Western Ave. We have a new dorm coming soon to the college too. So we should be thinking of them folks too. I hope we don’t have to learn the hard way. We forget safety should be first.

I don’t get it.  Why not build the mega school on the 33 acres that the city already owns? I have read for years that we cannot afford to repair our schools, yet now the mayor and council is forcing us to build a new school and now we can repair some of our other schools.  Why not improve the schools we have, and improve the ones we have? I bet the price of the new school will be more costly to us than updating the neighborhood schools we have now.  So someone tell me what will happen to the old schools?  Will they sit like the Old High School did until someone decides to repair and reopen them? I can’t afford another tax increase.  My pay rate doesn’t come close to the increases that are imposed on us.  I thought buying a home to raise my son here was a great comforting idea.  Now I don’t think so.  I can’t save any money or improve my home partly because taxes keep going up and because my income does not increase enough. What happened to a cost of living increase? All we get are tax increases with no way to pay.  Westfield is sucking us dry.

Thanks so much to the caller who named the beautiful tree, the Dawn Redwood, preserved in Kane Park.  And thanks to John Olver for drawing attention to it.  Yes, we held Scott Brown signs, and yes, we had a fine time talking with the Warren supporters.  It was fun to discover that we all admired the same tree, and miss the large trees on the center green.  Wouldn’t it be great if the Democrats and Republicans in Washington could be friends, too, and work together to solve some of our problems.   After all, we all care about our country and the future for our children.

Can anyone tell me if there is a shoe repair shop in Westfield or vicinity?  I have some Clark’s that need repair but don’t know where to take then.  Thanks.

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