PulseLine, November 8, 2012

I’m just calling as a concerned neighbor to the resident on Forest Ave, on the corner, the big brown house that has the petting zoo (all the chickens, all the dogs that run around…) I’m just wondering what’s next? Couple llamas? Maybe a few elephants? Maybe a zebra? Just wondering. Be nice to turn it into a petting zoo with all the pets you have up there. Thank you very much. Just a concerned neighbor wondering when the petting zoo will open. Thank you. The city’s principal planner reports that chickens may be kept only on property zoned as rural residential and a special permit from the planning board is required to keep chickens on property less than five acres in size. The ordinance stipulates that no more than three chickens may be kept on property less than three quarters of an acre in size and six chickens may be kept on  property which is larger than three quarters of an acre but less than five acres.

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