PulseLine, October 15, 2012

Westfield is a city in the great state of Massachusetts. I say great because we can be proud to live in a sanctuary state. We here in Mass are not mean people that want to turn our back on persons new to our shores. It should give us a good feeling to welcome people from all over the third world. After you put in a good days work of maybe twelve or fifteen hours and you are like me, you get a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that a good portion of your paycheck will go to help some of those looking for sanctuary. I hope that it gives you that same warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are paying for their rent, utilities, food, tobacco, transportation, health care, beer, cell phones, clothing. Is this a great country or what? After working all day and sometimes on weekends, just knowing it’s for sanctuary makes it all worthwhile. I’m sure you will agree.

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