PulseLine, October 4, 2012

As a taxpayer in the city of Westfield, I would like to say I am delighted at the new “downtown”. So it’s not finished, but it’s getting there. I live in the Court St area and my family and I have taken walks to the new “green” by the Tavern Restaurant. The summer concerts at Church St Commons were lots of fun. But what is missing is a simple kid friendly place to pop into in the evening for a soda or ice cream, namely the Teapot Gallery. It would be wonderful if that could reopen. The gentleman who originally opened it did such a lovely job, and all on his own. Does anyone know what is happening with that ? Our newest stores are also nice, Ezra’s Mercantile and Mama Cakes. It would also be nice to have another bakery like the former Farmer’s Daughter. I can still remember the pumpkin muffins with cream cheese baked in. Also, a coffee shop book store would be nice. We need to get the college kids into downtown and get things moving, like Northampton with the constant foot traffic! I would appreciate feedback on what’s happening for getting more store fronts filled. Thank you.   I am glad you and many other residents are enjoying our new downtown and there is more to come. I appreciate your comments about places like Ezra’s and Mama Cakes and former businesses like the Teapot Gallery and Farmer’s Daughter. We must continue a collective effort of rebuilding, restoring and reinvesting in our downtown – together. I will address some projects that will enhance downtown even further in a column later this week. Until then, one sure way to support our downtown is everyone must speak positively about downtown to their friends and families and frequent the businesses in downtown. There are many great businesses in the district and without people visiting their stores and purchasing their merchandise, it will be very hard for any business to be successful. – Jeff Daley. City Advancement Officer, City of Westfield

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