PulseLine October 16, 2012

In a local newspaper there was a nice article about the principal and assistant principal of the Westfield Vocational Technical High School. If you haven’t read it; everyone should.  Kevin M. Daley, Assistant Principal, and Stefan J. Czaporowski, Principal, will be working on student achievement and school pride. It is about time. Not everyone is college privileged especially, when after four years of studying, in the hopes of getting a job that might not happen. Not to mention the huge debt that incurs. Many, many students are better with hands on training and should have the opportunity to find a job doing what they like. Not to mention, not having the debt of college. In today’s world it is tough to find a good plumber, electrician or carpenter. God Bless these gentlemen for seeing the possibilities for all the students.  The Westfield News was also privileged to run Principal Czaporowski’s first column last Wednesday online at thewestfieldnews.com, and in Thursday’s edition of The Westfield News.

The topic for this call is the Pochassic Street Bridge. We should all know that by now, the officials in Boston and in this case being the Mass. Department of Transportation, will only tell us what we want to hear. I wonder what the salary of the person that this newspaper spoke to is. I’m sure it is quite high. The person from the Mass. DOT should have had a truthful answer concerning this bridge. We are all sick of the lies coming out of Boston. January 2013 is not far ahead of us and the Notre Dame Street Bridge is due for an inspection and we will all be watching to make sure it is done on time since it receives a lot of traffic. Thank you.

Why in the world do so many people, especially in Southwick, drive with their animals sitting on their laps? Do you realize how dangerous it is to have an animal sitting on your lap while you’re trying to maneuver a motor vehicle? If you had to make a quick, sudden move with your vehicle you probably wouldn’t be able to do it and you would probably kill someone. If that’s not a law, it should be. Keep the animals in the back seat; they would be safer.

In the Police Log (and you have to laugh): “Large college party interrupted and dispersed. 45 – 50 people sent on their way. Landlord notified.” Do you think the landlord really cares? As long as he gets his rent, he could care less about what happens on his property. Actually, he probably expects it to be damaged or destroyed by these hoodlums who call themselves college students.

My wife and I recently returned to Westfield after 20 years and I was just wondering if the Westfield Hotel is the new homeless shelter? I see people sitting out there all day smoking cigarettes and not working.

We have to send congratulations to the committee that organized the reconstruction of College Highway. They’ve done a fantastic job and it’s looking great. Once again we can start to be proud of our center of town instead of it looking like an overgrown farming community. I am still concerned about the intersection of Depot Street and Granville Road where it crosses College Highway and 10/202. If you’re coming across Depot Street and a vehicle is approaching the intersection from the opposite direction, off Granville Road, and you are both going to make a left-hand turn, it’s still a very serious and dangerous area. There are no turn arrows to allow each of you to turn before oncoming traffic comes through at the same time. I think the Police Department, being in charge of the safety for our town, needs to take a good look at this area and maybe make some changes. And, once again, it’s looking good.

Southwick Animal Control Officer: I would like to see you patrolling more. There are an awful lot of dogs around town lately. People are walking with them, running with them, and riding their bicycles with them. I see tags on them but I’d be willing to bet that half of them, maybe a third, are not up to date on their licenses. They’re destroying private property also.

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