PulseLine, October 23, 2012

Extremely disappointed that the Westfield News did not cover the WHS Gymnastics meet for their LAST home meet on Thursday, October 18.  As is the case everyday in local sports, there are many events that happen at the same time and we do our best to give them all equal coverage but we cannot be everywhere at once. Our focus on local sports coverage is unparalleled in the area and we are proud to have covered the amazing gymnastics team at Westfield High School many times this season.

Are you kidding me?  I have to put up with all these Scott Brown annoying ads on the 6 o’clock news and now I get an Application for an Absentee Ballot attached to a Scott Brown ad in my mail?  I called City Hall about this and they referred me to Galvin’s office and I asked if this was legal or not and his office verified that it was.  Galvin’s office didn’t like it but it was legal and my complaint would be frivolous until they changed the law.  The offering of an absentee ballot application with a commercial on it just seems wrong.  I’m wondering what Mike Knapik and Don Humason, our local pols, think of this absentee ballot application law and whether attaching an ad seems to be some type of conflict of interest.  Any response? Representative Humason offers this reply: promoting and encouraging voter turnout is something both parties and all candidates do every election season. Reminding voters who may have to be out of town and away from their polling place that they can register to vote absentee is a service that every credible campaign should offer. If somebody receives in the mail an application to vote absentee, but doesn’t need it because they will be able to vote at their polling place in person, they can just throw the application away. No harm, no foul. I don’t see the reason for outrage.

Why is the new speed bump/crosswalk in front of Westfield Bank on Elm St. so high? I’m all for slowing down the traffic, but c’mon that thing almost bottomed out my car! I can only imagine a Corvette or similar cars having an issue w/that thing. Why are the crosswalks speed bumps to begin with? Shouldn’t the slowdown come BEFORE the crosswalk? I’m avoiding this mountain until they fix it correctly.

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