PulseLine, October 5, 2013

To: [email protected] I found your squirrels. They are on E. Mtn. rd. They said to say “hi”, and not to worry about them. Same with the red tail hawks.

Hi there! I’m calling about all the birds and squirrels that decided to all disappear at the same time and the same week, which is the first 2 weeks in September. A week later, all the coyotes have seemed to have disappeared who travel in back of our farm house in Southwick. Also, in Westfield I’ve been hearing the same thing out of your PulseLine. I’m wondering if other towns in our state have seen this happen. I have never seen this happen in my lifetime and it’s never happened so early in the fall. To see the squirrels disappear is kind of odd. The squirrels don’t disappear. Some of the birds do. They take off down south but this is kind of unusual when they all decided to leave at the same time, at the same week. It’s as though they all left in a couple of days. And it’s as though they sense something we humans are not. This I’ve never seen before and it’s a little shocking. So, if anybody has any information of what’s happening, write in and tell us about it. It seems as though something has alarmed these animals and I don’t think it’s only hawks, as some people think. There is something more going on here. Also, I read about the moose that was in Westfield a couple of days ago in your paper and was killed by our animal control officer Ken Frazer. Hey, Ken, did you ever hear about tranquilizing guns or in hauling trucks? Guess it’s too much trouble for you guys to do that but it’s a sorry state is a young moose did not have to be killed. If you had more training at handling such situations you should have done the right thing and it would have taken a lot of teamwork by, you know, a couple of different people, but you didn’t have to shoot this young moose, Mr. Frazer. It’s about time we learned how to handle young animals that get out of the woods instead of killing them. Use your tranquilizing gun. Thank you.

Hi! I agree with the theory about the red-tailed hawk being responsible for less birds and less squirrels. I’m experiencing the same thing. I saw him. He was perched up in a tree, a big oak tree on my property, and I saw him swoop down and grab a dove that was just taking off about four feet of the ground and whacked him and feathers flew all over the place. And, also, what really upsets me, I had two red squirrels that had been coming regularly to the seed I throw them on the ground for over a year now and I haven’t seen either one of those in over a month. So I’d say those red-tailed hawks have found some easy pickings for the people that feed the birds and the squirrels. Thank you.

Just wondering when they’re going to paint the lines on Prospect Street, the double yellow lines there since everybody seems to be passing, I guess they can’t see them. Most of the other streets are done. How about an answer? Thank you. After the city finishes the road paving work (see previous page) lines will be painted on Prospect Street and other streets.

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