PulseLine: Sen. Humason

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Mr. Humason. Did I hit too close to home? I’ve called your office. You ignore the calls or you’re “in the district” or “in Boston”. You play conservative, but hop onto the PORK train just like all the others. Besides the votes you made for the tens of thousands of dollars worth of pork projects in your district, how many other pork projects did you vote for in this recent budget? You tout your conservative voting record. I think we’d all like to see the list of worthy pork projects you voted for around the state. This year is the first year I’ve seen your pork postings in social media. Is that because you are running for Mayor? Side note: you shouldn’t use the words “run” or “running”. The optics are really bad. You mentioned Rep. Velis. I don’t remember seeing him brag about pork. Most of the time I see him bragging about his advocacy on behalf of the vets. You can put the CLT endorsement on that shelf where you keep the perfect attendance trophies. CLT endorses you because you are one of the handful of reps and senators in Massachusetts with an “(R)” after your name. They give you the endorsement because of what you say, and the role you play – not what you accomplish. If they looked at your votes over the last couple of weeks, do you really think they’d consider you fiscally conservative and a watchdog for the taxpayer? Now I’m going back to work, to earn enough money to pay my taxes that you and others are wasting on PORK and pay raises! Speaking of that, you made headlines for voting against the legislative pay raises. However, you are taking the higher pay, correct? Isn’t that hypocritical? We reached out to Sen. Humason for a response and here is what he had to say:

Thanks again for following me so closely but some of your facts are incorrect and I would like to discuss with you directly rather than back and forth here in the PulseLine. Please contact my Westfield district office at 413-568-1366 to coordinate a time for us to speak.

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