PulseLine, September 10, 2013

I totally disagree with the way Mr. Carter is handling his new principalship at Westfield High. Westfield High is not an inner city school and he should take some lessons from Mr. Broderick, his predecessor. I think he should concentrate more on academics and not what the kids are wearing. He seems to come in with a very heavy-handed approach which does not work for a teenage population like we have in Westfield. Mr. Carter, back off and concentrate on academics.

I’m so glad that finally somebody in Westfield school systems has the guts to come out and talk about dress code. The kids have been looking, I can’t even use the word how they’ve been looking, for quite a while now. Their manner of dress has been terrible but finally we have a hero in our midst, somebody who is not afraid to put down some rules. Thank you very much.

Yes, good morning Westfield. It’s a little difficult. I’m calling to thank a few people in town. My dad passed away on July 25th. He was 85. And I just wanted to thank the EMTs who knew him by name because he had taken a few tumbles. And the nurses and the doctors at Noble – the emergency room up. They’re fantastic. They had him in and out a few times and they took great care of him and he loved them all. And the nurses up at the nursing home, Renaissance Manor, which was close to home so I’m glad he was there when he went. Wendy and all the girls, JoAnn in social works and, like I said, the EMTs were super-special. And to my neighbors, Ralph and Marty – they helped my mom out when she needed it the most. And so, Westfield, there are some great people here and I’d just like to thank them all and I love them all. So, Westfield, have a good day. Thank you.

Yes, my I vent please? Why is it so hard for these local restaurants to put out fresh coffee when you go into their establishments? It seems like every time I go into one of these restaurants for a meal, the meal is always, usually, very good. But the coffee always tastes like it’s been sitting for hours and has this burnt taste and it’s just awful. Why do these people feel that adults do not know the difference between a fresh cup of coffee and one that has been sitting for a long time? I’ve seen these people pour coffee from pots that have had less than an inch of coffee in it, into another pot when they make a fresh one. It’s ridiculous. This is why I find it so hard to go into these restaurants for a meal anymore. I like a good cup of coffee with my meal but if I’m not going to be able to drink anything but a glass of ice water, I’ll take my business somewhere else. Just a thought. Thank you.

Let’s see. Westfield Fire Department responds to false alarms at the college when they can handle that themselves with the campus police. We save bluebirds. we do lockouts on vehicles. What’s next – clogged toilets, unclogging them with the pumper truck?

I have to add my comments to the new or old dress code at the high school. The principal is right. I have been up there on more than one occasion picking up somebody and I have to tell you, when I see young girls in short shorts with fishnet tights on, shirts with spaghetti straps that outline the color and designs of their bras or the studs in their belly buttons – totally, totally, inappropriate. and for the boys: nobody really cares if you’re wearing boxers or briefs. Have them pull up their pants or put a belt on it. These kids have to learn to gain respect as you get older, you have to be respectful of your own self and your own body. I know it’s tough. I know some parents don’t really care. But, overall, most kids have some common sense. But for the ones that don’t you may have to take them aside and just explain to them that, going into adulthood, what it means to look like a young lady or a young man in the future.

Good morning! This morning I took a ride down Cross Street, where our proposed new school is being planned and partially started. I’m just wondering how much is this costing the city of Westfield in court costs, attorney fees, if there are additional charges on a monthly or weekly basis from the construction company that we hired. Is this particular item getting out of whack? Can somebody give me some answers? What is the per day, what is the per week, what is the per month cost to the city and citizens of Westfield? I think it should be something that is given to us and maybe the end result we’ll say. “Listen, let’s do something a little different.” Or, solve the problem.

This PulseLine entry is written as a loud thank you to the physically handicapped who keep getting up every day, struggling with physical disabilities and the pain, and keep on moving on from day to day. I see people in bad shape and its amazing to me they keep such a high spirit and deal with such bad luck as to be as disabled as they are. Makes me think my problems rendering me totally disabled are minor compared to what they deal with and I’m not talking about mentally handicapped individuals whose addictions or PTSD which I view as a scam on the American taxpayer. So, thank you, to the truly physically handicapped individuals of the world, worse off than I, because you inspire me to live the best life I can.

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