PulseLine, September 11, 2013

Yeah, hiya doing? A couple of days ago, somebody wrote into the paper or called into the PulseLine, about the traffic down behind Butcher Block and one guy complaining and then the other guy said he’s basically an idiot. It’s simple. Blah, blah. It ain’t simple! There’s a dotted line on an arrow. Who in the world ever sees that? Simple or not, that is confusing. And if some people think they can drive through the dotted lane because you because you don’t always have to go buy a dotted line and then the other guy don’t go by it, you’re gonna crash. It’s stupid. It’s a big mistake and it should be fixed. I’ve almost been sideswiped or sideswiped somebody. It’s stupid. I understand the way I’m supposed to flow but newcomers to this city – they might not get it, you know, you’re first time. It’s a mistake. It needs to be fixed. But that’s what Westfield does when they’re shoving everybody from four lanes into one. Or two. You know, it’s just dumb. We need to wake up and fix it. And I’m sorry to complain it because the roads do look good. Things are a little faster. But that is a sideswipe waiting to happen. Let’s wake up Westfield and fix that because it’s stupid. An angled dotted line. Where in the world do you see that? If I’m wrong somebody tell me where else you see it. Dotted line crossing over another line at an angle. Dumb.

Yes, I was reading the PulseLine for Monday night in The Westfield News about a neighborhood where elderly people and kids living and college students are having parties. Well, we need to make these people who are renting to these college students responsible for what’s going on there on their properties. And Westfield should be like Amherst where to buy a keg of beer the owner of the property where the keg of beer is going to be served, they have to file for a permit with city hall to get that keg of beer. And we should put more community policing around these buildings where these college students are living down here in Westfield. And that’s it.

Hi! Couple of things. My hat goes off to the Westfield Fire Department for being kindhearted and helping that poor bird up on Honeypot Road. I’m sure the other agencies would have helped, too, if it wasn’t for some foolish rules and regulations. And in the PulseLine, somebody is thanking the NEBB for something. What does NEBB stand for? Thank you. Have a nice day. We think it may be the North Elm Butcher Block.

OMG! Now we are going to trash the kids who are brave enough to express their opinion in the paper? Please leave the WHS students alone, and let them do what they are there to do. They are not stupid and not as trashy as everyone is making them out to be!

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