PulseLine, September 12, 2012

Southwick: Does anyone know how we made out with the contract talks for cable television?

To the Town of Southwick: What’s going on with the gas prices? Mobile is $3.93 a gallon; Shell is $3.85. Oh, my Lord! What’s it going to be by the weekend? Why are we paying more than the surrounding towns?

I would never think of throwing a newspaper or a bottle or a can out my car window at a stop light so why would you (the woman in the Ford Taurus) throw out your cigarette at the stop light? Just look at the pile of cigarettes at our stop lights. Unbelievable. Pigs.

The college students are back with their vulgar antics and you, Mr. Mayor, expect us to patronize downtown Elm Street? No way, it’s not safe.

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