PulseLine, September 17, 2012

Hi, this is Carol cashier at Walgreens, I’d just like to take a moment to thank all my customers for their prayers and concerns during my surgery. Just to let you know I am fine and recovering well. Doctor says I can return to work in about a month. I am looking forward to seeing you all, I miss all of you and our talks at the counter.Again thankyou all for tinking of me.

To: the person that is increasing annoyed about that famliy’s poor cat “Thomas”, I believe you have failed to mention that the family will be donating the money to a local shelter if the reward is not claimed. They had an anonymous person come forward with the reward and the pets owners agreed to donate the money. Everyone is entitled to an opinion: yours perhaps is a bit twisted. I guess a pellet in a domestic cat is ok, even if it has been there for a while. Sorry it wasn’t fresh enough kill for you. Obviously you have little regard for peoples pets or feelings! How cold!

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