PulseLine, September 5, 2013

What is happening at Westfield High School ? The kids went back to school , feeling the usual stresses of the first day of school,freshman feeling the normal fear that goes with being a freshman. And instead of making the kids feel comfortable in their new environment, the new principal is setting up a radar trap in the front lobby, using walkie talkies with his vice principals like Dragnet, and targeting kids and humilating them. In my high school days, that is what the upper classman did to the lower classman. To boot, the dress code in the district policies doesn’t state that the kids can’t wear athletic shorts, leggins, yoga pants, maxi skirts with slits or skinny jeans, which are being targeted along with short shorts. So how is he enforcing the rules, when it is not written in the rules? It’s not even in the WHS Student-Parent Handbook. Not to mention that all these items are what teenagers wear. They don’t wear business casual. Parents wear business casual. Teenagers wear teenager clothes. This is a public school, not a private Catholic school. John Carter is treating WHS as a ghetto school that needs to be turned around. He is not showing any respect for the kids. Kids are being taught to be tolerant of other kids who are different and dress different, but what are the grown-ups doing? Targeting kids who are different. Kids come in all shapes and sizes and clothes fit them differently. What about the overweight kids whose jeans are too tight? What about kids whose parents can’t afford a separate school wardrobe? What about making kids feel comfortable and welcome in their new school? John Carter is not making the kids feel welcome. He is alienating them. And he is alienating and disappointing the parents. He is just going about this the wrong way. All this hoopla over clothes; not drugs, not weapons, but clothes! He needs to learn how to make friends.

This is for owners of 2013 Chevy Cruzes: We’d like to know if you’re having a problem with a clunk in the front end when you’re making a turn, then straightening out. We’ve been having one a while shortly after we bought the vehicle. We were told that there were other people that had that problem, which cannot be found by the dealership. If you had one, was there a remedy for the problem? Have you searched online for others that may have this issue?

This is to the DPW: We reported a leak on the lower end of Bates Rd. We’ve called before a couple of times and we’ve put it in the paper. But yet the water still runs down the road. With rates going up, you’d think you’d fix it by now, or at least investigate it. It’s coming out of the road, not off the hill.

I think Mr. Carter is getting a little carried away with the dress code enforcement. Maybe he could concentrate on the education end of things. I think his priorities are mixed up.

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