PulseLine, September 7, 2012

Get down there…do the paperwork…and get those buildings demolished before someone gets killed! I have lived here since 1955….it is time for the city to take charge and turn “downtown” into a beautiful place to be (again like it used to be) for us longtime citizens and the Westfield State University students and their families. Please! For the first time in many decades the City of Westfield is taking real action in creating a better community as witnessed by all the construction over the last 8 years starting with the new Route 20 bridge between Union St. and Little River Rd. For several decades prior to that a significant portion of residents wanted to see the city do something and now we are very close to completion of the infrastructure to support future business. To help make Westfield succeed, please encourage businesses outside of the city that you visit to consider relocating or opening another store in downtown.

I am wondering if there are any new developments in the Ward 2 City Council position and how it is being filled. The last I had heard was that one of the write-in candidates from the last election was going to accept the position. Has this happened and has he been sworn in? Furthermore, I am told that he is one of the members of the group of Ward 2 residents that are involved in the laswsuit to stop the school construction and who generally opposes the new school being built on the site of the old Ashley Street School. I’m wondering, if he has indeed filled the position, has he made any statement or expressed his official view on the subject? How will he use the Ward 2 City Council position to influence the process of building the new school? And, furthermore, does he realize that his personal views on the new school are not universal among the rest of the Ward 2 residents. There are those of us in Ward 2 that support the location and design of the new school, so I sincerely hope that he will be sensible enough to take those views into consideration, as he would represent ALL of Ward 2, and not just the small group of Cross Street residents that are intent on thwarting the progress of the new school and its impending construction. This especially is more interesting to me, having read the article about the temporary injunction issued by the judge for the construction of the school. Perhaps The Westfield News can shed some light on this for us?

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