PulseLine: Snowbank

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On Saturday, 1-6-18, I was driving down Mill Street just after 3 PM. I had to drive my car into a two foot snowbank to avoid hitting a small semi truck head on (he had turned, unexpectedly, well onto my side of the street). The driver of the semi clearly saw what I had to do to avoid hitting him, and he kept right on driving. It did not take long, and I believe it was Mary Beth H. (I apologize if that is not correct) who came right out and let me borrow her shovel so I could get my car unstuck. In a few more minutes, Steve came along and helped me shovel out my car that was sitting on top of a mound of snow. Another two men came along, Willie and Ivan, and all three of these gentlemen helped push my car out of the snowbank. It is so incredibly refreshing to know that there are wonderful, helpful and caring people out there, who are more than willing to help out a stranger on a freezing cold afternoon. I really want to send a huge Thank You again to Mary, Steve, Willie and Ivan for taking time out of their day to help me so I did not have to wait in a snowbank and then pay for a tow. —Kasey.

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