PulseLine: Thank You

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As someone who did not grow up in Western Mass, I couldn’t be happier to live in Westfield. It is a truly special place. I’m not beholden to any politicians or special interests in the city and know relatively few people. But I feel compelled to write a few brief words of gratitude. I am continually impressed by the hard work of our elected officials and city employees. Thank you for everything. The Green is beautiful and the trails and parks are incredible. The work on North Elm/Notre Dame is phenomenal. People may not always agree about money, policy, or timing. But we all should agree that Westfield is moving forward. We may quibble over taxes and priorities. That’s a healthy part of our community. But if I had to choose where to settle again, I’d pick Westfield in a heartbeat. Many of the “lifers” don’t know how others live. Westfield on its worst day is 100 times better than a lot of other places. I know taxes can be a challenge and there’s certainly waste in our city. The back and forth of the City Council on last year’s budget is a testament to this. But I’m grateful that we elected council members on both sides of the debate who were informed and thoughtful. That tension is just perfect. Both sides were essentially right, looking at the same issues from two perspectives. Our city is better because of your work and passion. Thank you, Mr. Mayor, Mr. Cressotti, and the DPW staff, for all of your hard work. While you get a hundred complaints a day, please know that there are many citizens who are grateful for everything you do, many of which we’ll never notice. I extend the same sentiments to Senator Humason and Representative Velis. While there will always be disagreements among good citizens about the right choices for our city and state, I feel very strongly that you both care about our region and will vote according to your best judgment. I’ve never lived in a place where I felt so represented. And, finally, I want to congratulate the Westfield News. Again, some complain and complain about coverage but I’ve never lived in a city the size of Westfield that can support a daily newspaper. I know you work hard to stay afloat and I appreciate all of your hard work. Your coverage of city meetings and your regular construction updates are comprehensive and helpful. Your printing of columns from our elected officials help to provide background to inform my vote. Thank you for reading this long letter. I’ve been meaning to say it for a very long time. I am proud to have Westfield as my adopted home town. Thanks a million to all who make it such a wonderful place to live. To all those who have lived here for a long time: please take a moment to get beyond the negatives (which can be quite legitimate) and recognize all of the good things we have too.

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