PulseLine, November 15, 2012

This is in response to the person who complained about “Mary” at China Star Restaurant, saying she was rude.  Yes, in this day, politeness is very important in retaining customers. I have been a customer of China Star for about 6 years now. They do a great business and are on a first name basis with many of their customers.  Sometimes no matter what you do as a business owner/employee some people are never happy. I work in a service-based industry very dependent on making our customers happy. I have tended to some of the most miserable people you can imagine, trying to keep a smile on my face. Please remember that we are all human. Everyone has a bad day. To think that “Mary” needs to put a fake smile on her face when she is up to her elbows in fried rice is ridiculous.

1. Try to look beyond what is happening to wonder what is happening in her life. Get off your self-righteous soapbox.
2. Was she rude to you? If not mind your own business.
3. Don’t go there again if you are so appalled. They will not miss your business. They are always busy.
To anyone who has not gone there, give it a try. They have great egg foo yung. The prices are great. Mary runs a tight ship. She is quick, efficient, and direct. If you need someone to hold your hand and make you feel good, go get your wife.

I’m calling in response to the man who wrote in about China Star and the lady that  works there.  I agree that she is very, very rude and I have walked out of there and now I go to King Yen in Southwick for my Chinese food and I suggest he do the same thing.  On another subject, someone wrote in about The Proud Chef.  That is closed for good.  They never could quite make it and make a go of it.  I personally liked it there but in the summer they had practically no business so they had to close down.  So that’s gone for good. Thank you.

I’ve been reading the paper here again Monday evening about school bus drivers in Westfield.  Seems there’s some controversy over this.  I personally think they’re doing a great job, the bus drivers and school monitors on the buses, too. I, for one, am a bus monitor and I’ve ridden every bus, we have 18-20 of the smaller buses? For several years I’ve worked for Lekrenski and they’re all good.  I’ve had no problems.  The drivers were excellent and very courteous.  I don’t know what’s going on but I think the bus drivers should deserve a good pat on the back.  I know some have been driving since 25-30 years, so they must be doing something right.  I think the School Department should bury their heads in the sand on certain things and try to be more professional instead of trying to cause problems.   If something arises, a driver takes a wrong street, well maybe there’s no street sign on there.  You know, you’ve got to take that into consideration.  And also, winter time, with the snow and the ice up some of these hills that we have, some of them weren’t even sanded too well when we had the storms.  And that goes back to the School Department.  These drivers, and I’ve been on with them, and they’ve done an excellent job.  So, I have 2 granddaughters and I wouldn’t be afraid to put them on any school bus.  In fact, they are both on, come to think of it, and there are no problems. So, I think we should get off this kick about the bus drivers and leave them alone.  They’re doing a good job.  If you have a personal vendetta against them, then get them aside and talk with them.  I think that’s the best way to solve it.  Man to man if you will, or man to woman, whatever you want to do.  You’ve got to give them credit for what they do.  They’re there 95 percent of the time.  I think we should give them a little break.  Thank you very much.

If this Ashley St school and Cross St playground is causing so many problems legally for the mayor, costing the city money to have to go to court to try and bypass or change the laws, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper for the taxpayers of Westfield to have the mayor find a different piece of land? I know for a fact there is LOTS of open space within the city. Open up Google maps and you will find loads of space that the city could purchase and build on without having to go to ignore laws and deal with them after you have already torn down the school? I would love a new school, but let’s put it somewhere that makes sense, somewhere we don’t need to squeeze a school into.

It is high time the taxpayers began screaming at politicians about this waste of money involved in Hazmat responses to every seemingly trivial oddity that we used to ignore or deal with as a minor drill.  I hear it costs about $10,000 every time there’s a Hazmat response and we are having them now for simple bomb scares, a suspicious package, or a bottle with an unknown substance in it or a shady looking character carrying a box.  The people living scared to death due to the 9/11 religious fanatics are not correct when they say that “it is better to be safe than sorry”.  No, it isn’t.  What you are doing is blowing money unnecessarily that could be used for more productive projects like making sure people have enough fuel oil for the winter or enough food to eat.  To live in that terrified state is to declare that 9/11 was a victory for our enemies when, in fact, it was the beginning of the end for them and Osama bin Laden.  Let’s move on now, be aware what’s going on around you, maintain high security in cyberspace sleuthing, and live our normal lives and not those of an armed camp or police state.

On the front page of Monday’s paper; $700,000 wanted to update the exterior of the Westfield Whip building, $700,000 wanted to bribe the golf course not to build houses. 1.5 million dollars. And we thought a $500,000 clock was crazy!

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