PulseLine, September 6, 2012

There is a CAT KILLER in our town, someone near the Holyoke road area. On Monday Sept. 3, 2012, my sweet-natured, friendly cat Thomas, staggered to me crying in pain. His leg was obviously displaced. I brought him right to Boston Road clinic where they found a pellet wound in his chest near his heart, and a badly broken leg. This was a closed fracture; a traumatic break that is consistent with a direct violent encounter with a human… Who would do this? This sociopath needs to be found and punished. If anyone knows ANYTHING… please do the right thing. Thank you.

WESTFIELD FINEST?? So let me get this straight… Two local individuals get arrested in Wyoming for possessing over a million dollars worth of marijuana and Tommy D’s is planning a benefit to help bail them out?? This is not only disturbing and appalling, but morally wrong!! I’m sure there is a local veteran, homeless family or ailing child who is more deserving of a benefit over two drug traffickers…  UNREAL!!!

This is for the person who was looking for a good PC repair shop. Network & IT Solutions on Elm Street, across from Pasquale’s, does excellent work at reasonable prices. They’ll diagnose the problem for you, and once it’s been repaired they’ll start it and let you see that the problem’s been resolved before you leave. By the way, I have no ties to the business other than being a satisfied long term customer. Good luck.

Seeing six cop cars blocking off West Road, manned by officers with “automatic” weapons, looking for some guy that was “distraught” should be very unnerving to the citizenry of this or any other town. It is further noted that the guy being sought was never charged, too. If you want to take assault weapons away from the citizens of the United States, start first with local cops who don’t need machine guns to look for some guy who was upset about something.

Does anyone know what’s going on with Paper City Pizza on Franklin Street? When I called, the message they left said they were going to be closed from Friday to Monday. That was five weeks ago. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago and there was a sign saying “closed for renovations,” but no work has been done and they still have a grand opening sign outside. Just curious. I really liked their pizza!

I am shocked! This past week, I purchased three salads at three different restaurants in the city. They all use the ready-to-serve salads. That is not a problem. The problem is they never washed or even went through the salads to take out the moldy or brown pieces.  With all the re-calls on this type of salad fixings, it’s time the Board of Health took notice.

This is to the Mayor and City Council members: It’s been over a few years since the theft at City Hall assessor’s office. Still, the public doesn’t know how much money was stolen and who stole it. You’ve had plenty of time to get all this information and give it out to the public. It was our money that was stolen and we need to know NOW who the thief was and how much money, again, and where is it? Or should we have you people charged as accessories to the fact, because you’re withholding information. You’ve told us for years now that once you got the information you’d let us know, but I think the newspaper should investigate on its own why it’s taking so long. The newspaper needs to find out. Or do we have to go to the big TV stations and have their investigating reporters look into the corruption? No more excuses. I think it’s up to the newspaper on behalf of the citizens of Westfield to find out what’s taking so long. Someone is trying to sweep this under the carpet.

On Bates Road there is a grey ranch house that has been staged to look like someone’s been living there, but isn’t. It seems like the police station hasn’t taken an interest that this house has been vacant for so long. There’s only one reason for a house to be staged – and that’s for drug use. What we’d like to know is why haven’t the police looked into anything? They drive by it all the time. If it’s not a drug house, why has it been staged for all these years with no one living there? Also, why is there so much open smoking of dope in the city of Westfield? There are certain areas around Westfield where people are standing outside in broad daylight like nobody cares. It’s still against the law, isn’t it? And don’t say contact the police because they’ve been informed for years about illegal activities, but don’t seem to take an interest. There is nothing the PulseLine can do about it. If you see illegal activity at that address call the police department.

Hi, PulseLine. This is for all the moms of school aged children! What is big and orange and comes in the morning to brighten up your day? The school bus!

I noticed in the Town of Southwick, at the intersection of Depot Street and 10/202, that the traffic has been far worse ever since the new traffic lights and extra lane with the arrows. It was fine the way it was! I don’t know who you hire for traffic control but they need to go back to school. Traffic was never an issue there and now it is. Thank you, Southwick, and great job for making us wait longer now.

Hi. This has happened to me before. I have a doctor who ordered lab work at Noble and then, when I go to my regular doctor, they never received the lab results. Like I said, it’s happened more than once. Maybe someone from The Westfield News could make a phone call to Noble since you have more pull than I do and ask some questions. Or maybe someone from the records department could reply to this call. This could be a very dangerous situation if a person has something seriously wrong with them. It could mean life or death. Thank you.

On the front page of Saturday’s paper, I read where they want to change Summit Lock Road to Charlie Medeiros Way. Are they going to change streets around or rename the streets every time an official dies? What about Rick Sullivan? He was mayor for seven years. I’m sure they’ll find a way to change a street in his name, too. God forbid. Anyways, I don’t know why they don’t just leave the streets alone. Instead of changing the street name, why don’t they wait for the kids to build the gazebo on the green downtown and put his name there? Thank you.

Is Mike Albano serious? He wants to be on the governor’s council? All the stuff that went on in Springfield under his watch as the Mayor of Springfield – the Asselin’s looting the Springfield Housing Authority, Frank Teal appointed by Mike Albano to the Homeless Shelter, Philips up at MCDI – all those guys sent to jail serving time under Mike Albano’s watch and now he wants to be on the governor’s council? Come on people. Wake up.

Does anyone in Westfield know where there is low-income, handicapped accessible, housing? I’m getting evicted from my home and I’m wheelchair-bound and have nowhere to go. It’s hard trying to find affordable housing in Westfield. If anyone knows of somewhere to go, please call into the PulseLine.

Hi. I feel sorry for the people who own the restaurant on the corner of Orange and Elm Streets. They put in a new sidewalk on the side and then they took away their curb cut for a loading dock. Out front they put an extension, if that’s what you want to call it, right out into Elm Street. I assume that’s for handicapped parking and that’s all fine, well and good, but it also took away about two parking spaces out front. Also, under a couple feet of snow, the guys driving the plow trucks will not be able to see them when they’re out in the middle of the street. I think the city engineer should go down there and take a look around. It’s an accident waiting to happen. Thank you.

Good afternoon, Westfield. I would like to suggest that a trash can be installed at the Family Dollar store. It’s unsanitary with all the rubbish and everything being thrown around there. If there’s a trash can out front, people will use it. Thank you.

Why don’t all the politicians running for office stop blaming the people already in office and just fix the problems?

With a heavy heart I had to unexpectedly say good-bye to a big portion of my delivery customers. My car would not cooperate and have a financially repairable breakdown. I hate leaving everyone without any notice. I will miss each and every one of you (and your little dogs, too)! I am giving a big thank you to The Westfield News for putting up with all my car issues and understanding for being late on my deliveries due to it. I hope that someday I will be able to come back to my “family” of customers. Until then, thank you to all of you. Shelia

Front page of Tuesday’s paper: “City looks into tree planting.” Anybody who knows anything about plants and trees should see how close these trees have been planted to the curb. Don’t people realize these trees are going to grow? The branches will be hanging over the road very soon – within a couple of years. Then what are they going to do? Cut them down?

I just attended the Blandford Fair this past weekend. I came from Connecticut, Rt. 8 through 20, following my GPS which brought me to Blandford Road and Chester Road. I was screaming at that poor GPS woman because I thought she sent me the wrong way. I almost lost my false teeth. I can’t believe the deplorable condition of that road. The people in town that have to travel that every day don’t deserve that. I don’t know who’s in charge of maintenance, but those roads are deplorable.

Alert: When it’s raining or foggy or a dreary day out, would you kindly put your lights one? It may save your life or someone else’s. It will be so much easier to see you traveling down the road. It will not kill your battery in your vehicle. It will not make the life of your vehicle any shorter, but it may save your life. Thank you.

Hello – this is my first time in a long time reading the PulseLine – love that its online now! My question/request for help has to do with the Turnpike toll booth/exits. The traffic to get off the Pike and up to the toll booth at around 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. is horrendous. There are often times we are backed up on the shoulder of the road past the state police barracks – and if someone doesn’t know this is par for the course, there could either be a minor accident or worse, they miss the exit and end up having to drive 30 mins to the Lee exit to turn around!  This issue also is worsened by having just ONE Fast Lane booth, everyone with a fast lane transponder moves over to the right which lets those without them go past to go through one of TWO ‘regular’ paid lanes. THEN, they cut in front of all the people going to take a right onto North Elm street to face that mess of traffic delays.  I’m not sure what can be done at the city level, but am pretty sure that putting some firm, but gentle pressure on the right people in the turnpike world couldn’t hurt.  Please look into this – anyone????? Thank you. 🙂   The city of Westfield has had conversations with the former Pike management – now the DOT – and our state senator and representative, on a long-term solution to the toll plaza problem. The  City will soon begin a series of upgrades to Route 10-202 in front of the toll plaza and along the corridor. Work is likely to occur over the next 5 years and is estimated to cost approximately 10 million dollars. To date, the state has not had an active interest in renovations to the plaza but the City will keep trying to press for a short-term solution.

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