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Regional school district to report weekly COVID data

SOUTHWICK – Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District is now posting COVID-19 data on its website.

Superintendent Jennifer Willard said the district’s COVID-19 numbers will be shared weekly at stgrsd.org.

On Oct. 9, the school department posted its first update for the week of Oct. 5-9 when there were no positive cases. Last week Willard told the regional school committee members she wanted to be transparent about the situation within the district.

A screenshot of a report on Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District’s COVID-19 data, which will be posted weekly on the district website.

Willard said she was happy to report there have been “zero positive tests” within the district as of Oct. 9, including students and staff. On Oct. 12 that information changed when Willard announced a positive test at the Southwick Regional School.

Remaining vigilant in following protocols and testing is a priority, Willard said.

“The only way we are going to stay open is by working together,” she said. This is a community effort.”

Willard said any students sent home or calling out with symptoms are included in the report, as well as how many students or staff are tested and the results. Willard said the report will also include the number of students in quarantine because of a sibling.

The data in the weekly report is broken down by the three district schools: Woodland Elementary, Powder Mill and Southwick Regional. It includes the number of students sent home for COVID symptoms, the number of students called in sick, the number of students sent home or called our because of a sibling with symptoms, the number of students who have traveled, the number of negative or positive tests returned, the number of students who chose to quarantine, how many received an alternate diagnosis and the number of pending tests. Similar data is posted for staff.

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