Resident considers installing cell tower

A South Longyard Road property owner is seeking information on installing a cell tower there. (Photo by Hope E. Tremblay)

SOUTHWICK – Gary Liquori is hoping to bring better cell phone coverage to the town with a cell tower on his South Longyard Road property.

Liquori owns over 30 acres in what is one of Southwick’s cell “dead spots.”

Liquori asked the Southwick Planning Board Tuesday what the process would be to bring a tower to his property.

“I’m looking at what is the feasibility of bringing in a cell tower and what you have to do,” Liquori said.

Planning Board Chair Michael Doherty said there are regulations, particularly with zoning, that would need to be addressed, as well as another tower going up close by.

“There is a tower coming shortly on Lexington Circle,” he said. Liquori said that property was not as high as his.

Town Planner Alan D. Slessler said the town has cell tower overlay districts and Liquori’s property does not appear to be within the boundary.

“You would need a zone change, which is difficult, and you need to show necessity, which could be a problem with the Lexington project,” Doherty said. “Those are the issues I can see.”

Doherty said Liquori could proceed with special permit applications and he welcomed him to let the board know if he planned to pursue erecting the tower.

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