Rouse reappointed to three-year term as Director of Public Health

Joe Rouse, Westfield’s reappointed Director of Public Health. (File Photo)

WESTFIELD- Westfield Public Health Director Joseph Rouse was reappointed to a three-year term Dec. 11 by the Board of Health.

Rouse’s previous three-year appointment had expired in October, but was not renewed because that month’s meeting of the Board of Health had already occured. Themeeting on Nov. 13 was cancelled, making the December meeting the first quorum by the Board of Health members since his term had expired. 

“Of course it’s my pleasure to be here, and I love working with you guys and I would like to continue. I would appreciate that opportunity.” said Rouse before the vote. 

Rouse was reappointed with two votes from board members Juanita Carnes and Margaret Doody. The third board member, Dr. Teresa Mitchell, was not present on Wednesday. Just two of the three members need to be present to have a voting quorum.

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