Second suspect charged in theft of Boys & Girls Club donation box

WESTFIELD – A second suspect has been charged with stealing a Boys and Girls Club money donation box from a Dunkin’ Donuts.
Guillermina Vega, 43, of Westfield, was released on her personal recognizance pending an August 6 hearing after being arraigned Friday in Westfield District Court on charges of larceny from a building, brought by Westfield police.
Co-suspect, Jose Vargas, 50, also of Westfield, was held in lieu of $1,000 personal surety pending an August 6 hearing after being arraigned in Westfield District Court on June 30 on charges of larceny from a building.
Westfield Police Det. Timothy Fanion responded to a call from the Dunkin’ Donuts on Elm Street at 9:34 p.m. June 10 for report of a larceny, according to court records.
An employee told Fanion that a woman, whom he knew as “Karen” (Guillermina Vega), came into Dunkin’ Donuts with a male companion and allegedly took a Boys and Girls Club money donation box.
On June 15, according to Fanion’s statement of facts, surveillance footage was dropped off at the police department. Fanion was able to use this footage to identify Vargas by matching his image to his Registry of Motor Vehicles’ photo and by finding that his address is the same Vega’s.
Vega is seen in the video moving the box, which was on the counter, out of the employee’s view and Vargas is seen putting the box in his bag. Then the couple left the establishment together, according to court records.
The Dunkin’ Donuts employee stated that the box contained approximately $10 at the time of the theft, according to court records.
Vargas was held on such high bail due to the nature and circumstances of the offense, the potential penalty the defendant faces, the defendant’s reputation and length of residency in the community and the defendant’s record of convictions, according to court records.

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