Select Board considers full-time library position request

SOUTHWICK – Members of the Select Board are considering creating a full-time position at the Southwick Public Library.

Librarian Lynn Blair requested that one of the two part-time children’s librarian positions be bumped up to a full-time position with the title “Coordinator of Children’s Services.”

Blair said the request comes ahead of the retirement of longtime children’s librarian Margot Storozuk next month.

Blair said the library has increased its number of users and she believes they will be better positioned to hire someone long-term if the position is full-time.

“I think we will get a different pool of applicants if we hire full-time versus part-time,” Blair said.

Blair said she realizes the position is budgeted as part-time through the end of the fiscal year. However, she said there are funds to cover the increase.

“There was a gap between when Diane left and I started, and when the assistant left and the new one started,” she said. “So, we do have enough to cover this,” said Blair, referring to former Library Director Diane Caruso.

Select Board Chair Russ Fox said he, personally, agreed with the request but the board would need to discuss it with the finance committee before making a decision. He added that Storozuk would be missed.

“We’re losing a tremendous person,” he said. “Big shoes to fill.”

Selectman Douglas Moglin also lamented the loss of Storozuk, noting his daughter was sad to hear of her retirement.

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