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Sen. John Velis maintains perfect voting attendance in Senate

BOSTON – As the 191st legislative session ended last week, state Sen. John C. Velis (D-Westfield) completed 2020 without missing a vote in the Massachusetts State Senate.
“My job is to represent the people of the Second Hampden and Hampshire district on every single
legislative matter that comes before us in the Massachusetts State Senate,” said Velis. “At
the end of the day, whether you agree with my votes or don’t agree with my votes, I was elected to
participate in the process and take these difficult votes. One thing I can guarantee is that nobody will
ever accuse me of ducking or running from a tough vote.”
Prior to his election to the Senate in May,  Velis was the state representative for Westfield in
the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He did not miss a vote in the House during 2020 as
In the seven months Velis has been in the Senate, the legislature has worked on a number of
important bills, with a strong focus on COVID-19 and economic recovery. The Senator noted that
he considers every bill on its merits, not by what political party put it forward, and stressed the
importance of listening to different perspectives when considering a bill.
“The Second Hampden and Hampshire district is politically diverse like no other, and it has been
critical for me to listen to the different perspectives in our communities,” said Velis. “I am
focused on the needs of my constituents and our district, and that will always be my priority.”
With the 191st session ending last Tuesday, the 192nd legislative session began Wednesday morning.
Senator Velis was sworn in remotely for a full two-year term to the State Senate on Wednesday
before the new legislative session began.

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