Southwick COVID-19 cases rise to 40, two deaths reported

SOUTHWICK- The Board of Health announced May 1 that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Southwick has risen to 40 over the last week.

The Board of Health also confirmed Thursday evening that two people in Southwick have died due to complications from COVID-19. The two individuals were not named but the Health Department said that they were 74 and 77 years-old with underlying health conditions.

Seven individuals were still undergoing isolation as of TApril 30.

Public Health Nurse Kate Johnson said during the remote Board of Health meeting Thursday that the rise in the past week can be attributed to more widespread testing. 

“The surge will probably go down in the first week in May,” said Johnson, “It could go up to 50 [cases] or a little more.”

She said that the two deaths that have been reported so far are upsetting under the circumstances, but that compared to other areas of the country where the novel coronavirus has hit harder, it could be worse. 

Johnson said also that an additional form of test of the virus is now being done where a blood sample is taken, rather than the more common nasal swab. Despite the expanded testing, however, Johnson urged caution about relaxing social distancing guidelines.

“People with no symptoms can still transfer the virus. We still have to be in a mode of prevention and protection,” said Johnson, “We need to see a plateau and decline of cases like what the state is looking for.”

As Thursday’s Board of Health meeting was about to conclude, Johnson made a point to remind people that the numbers relating to coronavirus is more than just data, but people whose lives are being greatly impacted. 

“It’s so important that we don’t forget the human part of this disease. It is incredibly important that we pay attention to the people that have been sick and the families that have lost somebody,” said Johnson, “Sometimes it can feel just like a number, but these are people.”

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