Southwick schools keeping ‘Snow Days’

SOUTHWICK – The Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School Committee has not changed its “Snow Day” policy and when a snow day is declared, there will be no in-person or remote learning.

Superintendent Jennifer C. Willard said Dec. 15 that with the pending snowstorm this week, many families were asking if there would be snow days.

“We’re going forward with good, old-fashioned snow days,” she said during the regional School Committee meeting Tuesday.

Some neighboring communities have created a COVID policy and snow days will be remote learning days.

“If we have a snow day, teachers, nor students, will need to get on their computers,” she said.

Willard added that in the case of a two-hour delay, any in-person students would follow normal delay protocols and remote students would be sent directions. Currently, Woodland Elementary School is the only district school with in-person learning.

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