Southwick Unified for victory

SOUTHWICK – Southwick Unified Basketball ended its regular season on a high note recently, defeating Agawam 44-37 in their final home game Nov. 10.
Logan Lynch led the Southwick to victory with a 3-pointer and three additional baskets. Rams’ Jayden Martin scored six 2-pointers, Jordan Jimenez made four baskets, Abigail Diaz and Jenna Niles both scored three hoops apiece. Janelle Davidson made some great passes. Mason Lee Kelso, Connor Martin, Brian Penland, Reagan McLaughlin and Aidan Jubb provided key assists and rebounds.

Southwick Unified 38, West Springfield Unified 30
Jimenez sank two 3-pointers and five 2-pointers at an Oct. 27 game. Jayden Martin and Lynch each scored four baskets. Diaz, Niles, and Connor Martin each scored a basket for the team. McLaughlin, Davidson, and Kelso contributed rebounds and assists in leading the team to victory.

Agawam Unified 40, Southwick Unified 38
Southwick nearly won a thriller against Agawam on Oct. 7.
Lynch and Jayden Martin were the high scorers of the night, each scoring 12 points apiece for Southwick.
Southwick’s Ava Crawford made two baskets for the team. Rams’ Abigail Diaz, McLaughlin, Jimenez, and Davidson each scored buckets. Jaden Stober and Niles made some great passes throughout the game. Connor Martin, Penland, and Kelso had assists to keep the game close. – Courtesy of Southwick Unified Basketball


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