State representative candidate Matthew Garlo


Name: Matthew Garlo

Address: 208 Montgomery Road

Occupation/Education: Student Mentor & Communications Professional – Bachelor’s in Sociology, PreLaw, & Political Science from Siena College. Justice & Law Certificate from American University

What experience and qualifications do you have that would be an asset to the city?

Whether it be digitally, in-person, or through local media like The Westfield News, I am a communications professional who seeks to bring governmental issues and conversations closer to the public. I also have as much or more legislative experience as anyone in this race, ranging from Congressional experience while working for the American Bar Association’s Governmental Affairs Office, or assisting clients with legislative goals at a public affairs firm in Albany, NY. My experience allows a path for more transparency, energy, and interaction with Westfield’s next state representative. It also encourages a forward-looking perspective in Westfield’s representation, one that is in-touch with the younger generation but also understands the history and structural needs of our city.

Have you recently met with city department heads to discuss their needs/concerns/budgets and if so, which ones? What was your takeaway?

I have met in-person with the superintendent of our schools, Department of Public Works, the Westfield Fire Department and more along this path. I have also maintained a dialogue with teachers, water safety advocates, the Westfield Flood Control Commission, and other leaders in every corner of our community. In any department, needs are evolving and changing quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. My main takeaway was that Westfield needs someone to be following the data of this crisis and staying on their toes as needs and priorities change by the day. While we may have some long-term projects to move the needle on no matter the circumstances of each passing day, such as the construction of a new Franklin Avenue school, many departments are rolling with the punches of this crisis as they come. After efficiently dealing with the quickly evolving needs of 10+ clients at my prior job outside the New York state capital, I would be honored to juggle these priorities for my own hometown.

What are your main concerns & potential solutions for the city?

My main concerns for Westfield are the status of our local businesses who have taken a hit, clean water infrastructure, the potential of our school system to fall behind without necessary upgrades, and the wellbeing of our community members with mental illness or addiction battles. For now, the solutions of all of these issues start with assuring Westfield has representation that will be heard in the State House come budget season. Assuring Westfield’s businesses receive the relief they are entitled to during this pandemic, continuing the fight for funding our clean water infrastructure, proving that Westfield needs state investments in our education system, and making sure healthcare of all forms remains reliable and local will all be at the top of my list.

What prompted you to run for election?

I ran for state rep because after volunteering with now Senator John Velis’ campaign, I was able to see a new side of Westfield that needed continued strong support in the legislature. I have lived here my whole life and had an interest in government and the systems of society for some time but returning home with experience gave me an entirely new view of our landscape. Westfield needs in- your-face representation at home, and a loud, forward-looking voice in Boston to secure the future we all desire. That is exactly how I will operate as your state rep.

Why should residents vote for you?

I kindly ask for your vote as the hometown candidate who has lived on Montgomery Road my entire life, the same house my father grew up in. I will always be active and present in Westfield’s community, as well as a voice that will be heard on the floor of the House in Boston. I have as much or more legislative experience as any of the field in this race, and I could not be more motivated to translate such experience to the issues that surround my hometown. As a Westfield public schools grad and the first with a bachelor’s degree in my family, I could not ask for a better way to pay it forward than to represent my hometown and fight for a better future. If you have any final questions outside the realm of my priority issues listed above, check out www.garlo4westfield.com and send me a message. Thank you.

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