Students ‘Change the Music’ for Sandy victims

SOUTHWICK – Students at Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional High School have been filling the halls with music all week, but not necessarily in a harmonious way.
The STGRHS Student Council has been blasting the hallways with what they describe as “bad” music in order to raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.
The “Change the Music” fundraiser takes place in the eight-minutes between blocks througout the day. Social Studies teacher Erin Daugherty said whenever $10 is raised, the music is changed.
“The more money we raise, the better the music gets throughout the day and week,” Daugherty said.
Student Council President Alexandra Platanitis said the music selection is up to the student serving as DJ at any given time.
“We even had bagpipe music this week,” she said. “Although some people probably like that.”
Class presidents serve as the DJs and music is played over the audio system in the main office.
“Student Council members choose the music, which ranges from opera to old pop music to old country music or for the first time ever, we used bagpipe music,” said Daugherty. “We have even done Disney tunes, as well as using a Spongebob soundtrack.”
This is the third year the school has held the Change the Music fundraiser, with proceeds going to a different organization every year,
“We have raised anywhere from $200 to over $400,” Daugherty said. “We have donated money to the American Cancer Society and Hope for Haiti, as well as the Southwick Food Pantry. This year, we will be donating money to the American Red Cross to go toward the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Thus far, we have raised approximately $100 towards Hurricane Sandy.”
Daugherty said the fundraiser is heavily supported by administration and staff has “always given positive feedback, enjoyed some of the songs or have had great humor for how awful some of the music can be.”
“It’s a fun fundraiser and we enjoy doing it a lot,” she said.
Platinitis said the STGRHS Student Council hosts several fundraisers throughout the year, including the male beauty pageant, blood drives, and a student lock-in.
“We’re very proud of our Student Council,” Daugherty said.

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