Superintendent Scallion supported


WESTFIELD – The School Committee issued an evaluation strongly supporting the educational goals and leadership of School Superintendent Suzanne Scallion earlier this month.
Scallion recently completed her first year as superintendent of the school district and was given her initial evaluation at the Sept. 10 School Committee session, a document supporting her goals to develop programs to provide services to both autistic children and students at risk of dropping out of school.
“The School Committee encourages and supports (Scallion’s) plans to develop programs for our autistic and children at risk of dropping out of school populations,” the committee summary stated. “The superintendent has successfully integrated in a positive manner with the School Committee, education personnel and the Westfield community. Her desire to move the district above the status III (designation) is commendable and should continue to be a high priority.
“Continuation of her commendable first year performance will be a positive sign that Westfield schools will improve,” the board stated in the evaluation.
The committee based its evaluation on six criterion, leadership, community relations, personnel management, educational and professional leadership, business and finance, and professional qualities.
The board gave a strong endorsement to Scallion for her effective communication, respect, transparency and professionalism in her dealings with the School Committee members and for her interaction with the community.
“Her relationship with Westfield officials, community leaders and parents has been very good,” the committee said in the evaluation report. “Accurate information, which she has shared, regarding the new (elementary) school project reflects her commitment to keeping the public informed as do her Westfield News columns.”
The board also supported Scallion’s leadership in creating staff “teams working together through meetings with clear agendas and goals. Her positive interactions also enabled her to deal effectively with challenging situations.”
Scallion’s efforts to improve the quality of instruction through professional development were cited by the committee.
“The superintendent’s commitment to implementing various plans reflect her dedication to making the Westfield schools as effective as possible by improving teaching with resulting positive learning experiences for all students,” the committee stated in the report. “Examples of these efforts include the development of instructional teams and the introduction of the Data and Learning in the (state mandated) 21st Century program.”
Scallion and her financial team were also lauded for the district’s “commitment to conserving budget dollars and to spend them in the most effective fashion” to enhance student learning. “Her financial planning to date shows creative ways to implement programs and changes … without adverse budget consequences.”
The committee also supported Scallion’s efforts to “improve her strong professional skills” and her commitment “to evaluating her present practices to ensure their effectiveness.”
“System feedback reveals her willingness to hear and positively accept differing opinions,” the committee stated in the evaluation report.

To see the September 10 School Committee Meeting, click here.

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