This election season is all about choices

It’s a great year to be a voter in Westfield.
When you step up to the ballot box beginning with the Sept. 24 preliminary election, followed by the November election, you will have choices. Choices from both sides of the political party divide. You can choose from candidates who are polar opposites when it comes to the issues that matter most — from road work to school budgets to downtown revitalization to water to attracting business — there is likely to be a candidate who aligns with your own ideals.
As a political observer, I can say that what I know about each candidate is that they care. They care enough about the city, enough about their neighbors and enough about their concerns that they are opening themselves up to public scrutiny in order to participate in city government.
What excites me the most as a journalist is being able to help you decide. By presenting unbiased profiles of candidates and sponsoring candidate forums, we want to give you the facts you want to know. So, as we prepare to delve into election coverage, we want to hear from you.
What do you want to know about the candidates? What questions do you want answered? Help shape our candidate profiles by telling us what matters most to you! Email [email protected] with your questions or send us a letter to the editor or a Pulseline submission and be part of this election season.

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