To the Editor

Hello Westfield, especially Ward 3à.Social Commentary:  First of all a positive a Steven, one of the clerks at Stop and Shop on Main St.  I know this guy, neat person, puts up with my humor.  Praise is due: the other day as he was walking through their parking lot on the way to work; there was an elderly blind man heading to the store; but was having a problem.  Steven helped him to the door; patiently, carefully, cautiously.  It was so nice seeing someone taking their time to help someone they did not know.  These days so many seem so angry, and so shut down to doing positives, or worse acting as if it was cool to be rude, crude, or just plain inconsiderate; without cause or reason.  And, while I often like to give point out the good, of late the negatives are playing on me.  One case is that I live across from Emma’s Restaurant.  It is difficult to get out of their lot on to Arnold St, due to the large electrical boxes.  So, if I am outside I often conduct traffic by letting the driver know if it is safe (no cars coming up Arnold) nice right???  And, while I do get a wave of thanks, way too often it is not, or worse, I get the F…You.  My response is Oh sorry I was trying to save your life for which I get flipped off.  I do not know if their brain processors are slow, or just don’t exist.  In this era where malaise is the norm, you would think a little help was a good thing? Even in stores, you say excuse me, and people give you a scowl.  OK, so much for my gripe session.

OK, next: the lecture series on our history.  I went to the WSU re: Native Americans and colonials.  It was interesting, but I wish there was more about the local populations: who were they; where they live around here; how did they live; rather than the coastal people.  I have talked with people who have mentioned Native Peoples’ fishing spots along the Westfield River…I’d like to know more.  Where did they go?  I know they had many wars between tribes.  The Pequot and Mohican; that just before the Pilgrims had landed the Abnaki had had some devastating attacks on the Massachusetts, and the Mohawk Trail was a route taken by the Mohawk attacks on the Pocumtucks.  While riding around in the country you can often see these signs put up by the Commonwealth that mention historic events as places where a fort was, a battle took place, where certain people lived….etc.  It would be nice to have some in this area.  One of the current conflicts is the elimination of references to Native Americans.  Personally, while I understand the negatives of how they were depicted, but do we want to take them out of our history and out of existence?  Too often when there is a representation they are made to look like Plains people.  No one is calling them savages.  OK Red Skins should be out.  But, I do not hear anyone complaining about Celtics looking like leprechauns; the use of the term Yankees; or depictions of Viking, Cowboys, Pirates, Saints, etc.  I would hate to have their existence erased.  Do we also change the name of Massachusetts and Connecticut?

And, there were a couple of times with the host made, for me and from what I heard other men saying a few socially biased comments about men…I was hoping this era gender bashing would not be heard here and now.  OK, back to politics next time… Your former Ward 3 city councilor Brian Hoose [email protected].

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