To The Editor: Marijuana, and the 2nd Amendment

Once again I appeal to the Residents of Southwick, on a matter our Selectman have to decide by December, and a decision all of us Massachusetts Residents have to make, come November 8th. It boggles the mind, that we are even having this Conversation, in the middle of a Opioid/Heroin Epidemic. Because, whether for Medicinal Use or Recreational use, Marijuana is still against Federal Law. That law is, The Controlled Substances Act of 1970, and it was passed by the Elected Representatives of the people, at that time. In Massachusetts, that meant 10 Congressman (with 1 not voting at all), and by Senator Edward Brooke (Senator Ted Kennedy didn’t vote at all), all, elected by the people. The Law, even has provisions for rescheduling Drugs, so that they may be consumed for Medicinal use, or taken off the list, after substantial Scientific Proof has established it’s safety, to the Public. This all sounds quite reasonable, and the only conclusion one can come to is, there hasn’t been sufficient SCIENTIFIC evidence to make any changes. No one, has ever done any research to find out if it has any health hazards, let alone proof that it has any true medicinal value.

Which brings me to my next point, why then has the Federal Govt. given the State, and the State Dept. of Public Health, the green light to sell Medical Marijuana, against Federal Law ? As we know, Recreational Marijuana Legalization, is on the Ballot this year and whether passed by the Citizens of Massachusetts or not, it’s still against Federal Law. So what could the President be thinking ? And what’s with this nefarious Dispensary Network ? Or the Fact that it violates Federal Law, and only deals in CASH ? The Controlled Substances Act states that if a drug is reclassified for medicinal use, it is to be secured and distributed by the Pharmaceutical Industry. The provisions, for doing this intelligently and responsibly are in place, under the Federal Law that already exists. Is there any part of the Law they aren’t ignoring ? Not to mention, there is already Marijuana available in pill form, just like real medicine, so why then are we encouraging it be smoked ? Especially after all we have learned about smoking and ingesting smoke into our lungs ? This whole Operation, should be very suspect, and people have every Right to expect our Elected Officials, abide by the Oath they took, and uphold the Rule of Law.

Well, the last Town held Public Hearing with the 2 Healthwise Representatives was very well attended, although the Fans of Legalization of Marijuana for any purpose, were curiously absent. Which should send a clear message to our elected Selectman, that we don’t want it in our Town. The HealthWise Representitives promised to sign a 10 year Agreement with the Town, stating even if Recreational Marijuana passed the vote this November, they had no interest in selling it. Sounds good right ? But we know when Recreational Marijuana was legalized in Oregon, the State having no distribution Network in place, mandated the Medicinal Dispensaries, also sell the two versions side by side. So, any promise of Agreement, is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. And the proposed location is even more suspicious, practically, right on the State Line. A great place to be, should recreational sales be allowed, because Ct. isn’t interested in the Illegal drug trade.

My concern, is the casual disregard for the Law, by our Elected Representatives who are supposed to act in our interest. So, in questioning the motives behind the President’s Administration, Fed Agencies, State and State Agencies, I discovered just what that motive might be. The systematic disarmament of Law Abiding Americans. When Nevada passed Marijuana for Medicinal use, a woman there thought it would be a goof to go get her Medical Marijuana Card, so she did. Not long after, she thought she’d go buy a Gun for self defense, at her Local Gun Store, but much to her surprise the Store Owner refused to sell to her. It seems Federal Firearm Rules, prohibits anyone connected with Marijuana, whether for Medicinal, and certainly not for Recreational use, from purchasing a Firearm. That’s a good thing, and if you value your Gun Rights you’ll keep that in mind.

From what we learned at the Public Hearing from the Healthwise Representitives was that extensive background checks are performed before, one is issued a Card. Yeah, I bet ! With this many people in collusion to circumvent the Law, I don’t trust any of them. That seemed to be the general sentiment from the residents of Southwick, at the last public hearing. They don’t trust the Government sanctioned Drug Dealers, sent by the State, to open and run an Illegal Drug distribution Facility. And rightfully so ! The quiet little Town of Southwick, doesn’t need to be a Destination Point, for every drug user in 30 miles. Aside from being unlawful, there is absolutely no benefit to the Town, except we will definitely need more Cops ! What surprises me, is that they got this far unopposed. If nothing else, let Common Sense be your guide. Legalizing Marijuana or any other drug for recreational use, will not reap benefits, only misery. When we allow Government to ignore the Law, they will eventually be the Oppressor, and we will be the oppressed. It is our job to hold Government. accountable, and the Residents of Southwick are doing that. Now we need our Selectman to do the same.

Larry Pelletier

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