To the Editor: Question 3

Our lawmakers wanted to make sure transgender persons could use bathrooms and locker rooms where they felt comfortable.  On June 1, 2016, they debated a proposed bill when a representative said level 2 and level 3 sex offenders should not be given entrance to the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.  After all, a male sex offender could pretend to have a female gender identity, enter a girls bathroom, and violate a girl or woman.  Amendment 271 was put to a vote.  By a vote of 119 to 35, lawmakers included sex offenders in the bill giving the sex offenders who said they have an opposite sex gender identity, the right to areas of privacy.

Representative John Velis voted to include sex offenders in the transgender bathroom bill.  Representative Nick Boldyga voted to exclude sex offenders.

The bathroom bill passed the state legislature and was signed by Governor Charlie Baker.  The inclusion of sex offenders in the law is a prominent reason voters put question 3 on the upcoming November 6th ballot.  A vote of no on question 3 will repeal the bathroom and locker room law.

Those who doubt that truth is stranger than fiction and cannot believe that our lawmakers would do such a thing are invited to go to the following link and lock up vote 271 on June 1, 2016:


Those who have been around long enough to believe that our lawmakers legislate in a way that is stranger than fiction should please vote no on question 3.

Robin Greenspan

78 Beach Road

Becket, MA

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