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We made it!

I can’t believe the school year is over.
Once again it was both the longest and shortest year. Ever.
In Southwick schools, my kids started out mostly remote as students staggered into classrooms for full-on hybrid, then went back to remote, then back to hybrid and then back in the classroom. It was, in a word, exhausting.
I don’t know how we did it. I don’t know how the students did it, the teachers did it, the paraprofessionals did it, the administrators, food service workers, maintenance staff — pretty much anyone who was involved in school this past year – and, of course, the families of students and staff.
For most students the end of the year was somewhat akin to “normal.“
There were field days and proms. There were awards nights and graduations. There were sports and MCAS. And it felt good.
As a mom, I was so happy to see my kids engaged in a classroom and eating lunch outside with friends. Remote learning was taking its toll and I am thrilled that being back in person improved their outlook, grades and attitudes.
As a proud auntie of two WHS grads — Dave and Moira Tirrell – I was so happy they could enjoy the end of their senior year and have some well-earned and deserved fun with their classmates before heading to college this fall. They killed it during the pandemic and didn’t miss a beat — congratulations!
Congratulations to all graduates, especially the St. Mary’s Class of 2021, which is the class that almost wasn’t when it looked like the school would close four years ago. Now, STM is going strong and there will be many more graduates in the future.
Everyone worked hard and I hope that teachers and students are all able to take some time to enjoy the accomplishments of the past year before getting ready to start again in the fall — you have earned it and I am in awe of your resilience.

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