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Western Avenue road construction fast tracked

The 10-foot concrete multi-path is being laid down, and road construction begun on Western Avenue from Fairview Avenue to Loring Lane; and at the top of Lloyd’s Hill Road. (Photo by Amy Porter)

WESTFIELD – “The schedule has changed,” said Westfield Assistant Civil Engineer Jeremy Cigal on Wednesday about the construction on Western Avenue.
Cigal said the original intention was to get the underground utility work, including the drainage, water lines and sewer completed this construction season. However, the city expressed concerns about the condition of the road following the work.
As a result, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), which oversees the project, and the contractor have started the road work in some of the worst areas of trenching.
“MassDOT met with the city and understood our desire to make sure we could prepare the road better for winter,” said Mayor Brian P. Sullivan.
“Thanks to DPW, Engineering, Councilor (Michael) Burns and leadership at the MassDOT, much of the site will be better off than previously expected,” Sullivan added.
Cigal said the contractor has committed to doing the roadwork this season from Fairview Avenue to Loring Lane, and on Lloyd’s Hill from Mountain View to Western Avenue. The work involves full road excavation, digging out the pavement to a depth of two feet, with paving to begin in early November, weather dependent.
“The next two to three weeks will be the worst for the section,” said Cigal, who lives in the area, adding, “We have to bear with it; the new road comes in the end.”
In addition, a second crew has been sent out to begin the 10-foot concrete multiuse path on the north side of the road. Cigal said they’re already getting up towards Loring Lane, and plan to continue the path up to Horace Mann, where it will connect to an existing sidewalk. They will then start on the south side on a 5-foot concrete sidewalk.
“How far they get is completely weather-dependent,” Cigal said. He said some of the work they weren’t planning to start until next season.
Cigal said the underground work has been completed up to the Westfield State University frontage, where there is some remaining ground work to do, which may wait until the spring. There are some patching needs in that section that need to be addressed before the winter, he added.
The construction crews are working Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
“For one, it’s a disruption, but two, they’re making good progress. Be patient,” Cigal said.

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