Westfield Youth Hockey League Report



Westfield Jr. Bombers 24, Nonotuck Knights 5
Saturday, November 9, 2013, Olympia Ice Arena
Division – Mite 1

Starting the game without a goalie had no impact on the Jr. Bombers, they came out ready to play. The Jr. Bombers hit the net first with Ethan Porter, Bryce Russ, Francis Powers and Ethan Marowitz all scoring before the Knights could find their stride. Nonotuck then countered, which fueled the Jr. Bombers to increase their passing and break through the defense with scoring from Hunter Stockseth, Sawyer King and Jacob Jarrell. Westfield never relented and kept the Knights working hard to defend their zone. Westfield tallied hat tricks from Ethan Porter, Hunter Stockseth, Ethan Marowitz and Bryce Russ and numerous assists including Cole Chapman, Bryce Russ, and Ethan Porter; along with tremendous defense from Brayden Czarnecki Gwenn Hosmer. Once in the net, George Kimball proved to be a quick glove and solid net minder fending off the Knights shots on net.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 17, Ludlow Gold 3
Sunday, November 10, 2013, Smead Arena
Division – Mite 1

The rivalry continues between these two teams as both teams fought hard for every play. Westfield seemed to just want it more, striking first with a hard shot from Hunter Stockseth, assisted by Ethan Porter. Bryce Russ then followed suit with an assist by Jacob Jarrell and a nice breakaway from Ethan Porter. Ludlow was not down and came back with a quick goal, but the Jr. Bombers brought their passing game and used it, coming back with goals from Bryce Russ, Ethan Porter, Francis Powers, Aaron Hooben and Ethan Marowitz before Ludlow could break their stride and counter with 2 back to back goals. Westfield kept their heads down and eyes on the net and continued their attack. Many saves can be attributed to goalie George Kimball who proved too quick for the Ludlow attacks with the help of Sawyer King and Brayden Czarncecki’s quick feet on defense. Westfield’s Francis Powers and Gwenn Hosmer finished off the game with goals which secured the Jr. Bombers lead.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 22, WTM 5
Saturday, November 9, 2013, Amelia Park Arena, Westfield, MA
Division: Mite 2

It was another victory for the Westfield Jr. Bomber Mite 2 team as they contended with WTM on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Nathan Sarabaez had a strong showing in goal for Westfield, stopping 17 of the 22 shots taken by WTM. Excellent defense played by the whole team, including Jesse Spear and Michael Pelletier helped his goaltending efforts. Westfield started their tireless goal scoring just 2 minutes into the game with a shot by Sean McMahon assisted by Katie Collins from Evan Grant. Less than a minute later, Darrin Schnopp snuck one by the WTM goalie followed by a flood of goals by David Forest, Michael Miller and Evan Grant, all within a minute and a half. Sean McMahon completed a hat-trick scoring his 2nd and 3rd goals of the game only 30 seconds apart. Darrin Schnopp also netted an additional two goals for a hat-trick. Katie Collins played aggressively scoring a total of five goals throughout the game, with Patrick Rae and Jarred Ritter scoring two apiece. Evan Grant and Michael Miller both scored their second goals of the game as the clock ticked down to victory.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 23, Brattleboro 4
Sunday, November 10, 2013, Olympia Ice Arena, West Springfield, MA
Division: Mite 2

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, the Westfield Jr. Bombers battled Brattleboro for the second time in a week. Again, both teams started out strong, but it wasn’t long before the Jr. Bombers turned up the heat and the barrage of goals began. Patrick Rae started the scoring ritual quickly followed by a smooth shot by Jesse Spear. Katie Collins showed her girl-power with three back-to-back goals for her first hat-trick of the game. Patrick Rae sent another shot past the Brattleboro goalie for his second goal of the game followed by a effortless goal by Michael Pelletier assisted by Rae, who then came back to net his 3rd and 4th goals of the game. Then it was the girl-power of Katie Collins with another set of back-to-back goals within two minutes of each other. Collins would go on to score another two goals for a total of 7 goals for the game. Patrick Rae would come back to score from an assist by Evan Grant followed by goal number two for Michael Pelletier. Evan Grant and the brother-sister duo of Sean and Sarah McMahon each slipped two goals apiece by the Brattleboro goaltender. The final two goals of the game were delivered by Patrick Rae, matching Collins with a total of 7 goals for the game. Once again, strategic defensive play by the team, including Darrin Schnopp, Michael Miller and David Forest, played an important role in this victory, along with the stellar goaltending by Nathan Sarabaez, who stopped 17 of the 21 shots against him.

Holy Name Black 15, Westfield Jr. Bombers 2
Sunday, November 10, 2013, Olympia Ice Center
Division: Mite 3 – Red

The Westfield Junior Bombers Red faced off against Holy Name Black for the second time in this young season on Sunday at the Olympia Ice Center in West Springfield. Goalie Evan Michelucci stopped 28 shots in a 15-2 loss as he was bombarded by pucks throughout the contest. The Bombers didn’t manage much offense, but did get a goal apiece from Joe Roselli (12) and Brandon Houle (5). The Bombers had several opportunities to score, but were turned away by an outstanding performance from the Holy Name netminder. The Red team will look to get back on track this coming weekend back at Olympia.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 5, Pioneer Valley 3
Saturday, November 9, 2013, Amelia Park, Westfield, MA
Division: Squirt 1

In keeping with the majority of seesaw battles played this season this game was no different. In the first period it was PV Lightning striking first scoring on a backhand with 9:17 left to play. Jax Grady then tied the game when he poked one in from an assist from Aidan King at 5:47. That was how the first period ended. Early in the second period Matt McMahon ripped a shot from the corner beating the goalie to make it 2-1 Westfield. Matt’s goal was assisted by Hailey Tullo and Evan Iglesias. Hailey then scored with 4:08 left on a rebound with pressure coming from Matt Kotfila and Cody Collins to assist on Hailey’s goal. The third period began with Aidan making a fine deke on the goalie for an unassisted goal at 8:07 to put the Bombers up 4-1. Soon after it was PV Lightning making it interesting scoring two unanswered goals in under two minutes to pull within one. But the Bombers were not done as Jax scored his second of the game, an empty netter with 35 seconds left for the insurance goal. The defense led by Garrett Bacon, Daniel Bennett, Cody Collins and Brandon Powell kept the pressure in PV’s zone with shots on goal favoring Westfield 17-12. Once again, Westfield’s goalie Andrew Morris was sensational in goal.

Amherst 4, Westfield Jr. Bombers 0
Sunday, November 10, 2013, Mullins Center, Amherst, MA
Division: Squirt 1

Maybe the time change finally caught up on the young Bombers as their legs just didn’t show up for today’s game at the Mullin’s Center. It certainly wasn’t a blow out by any means but it just seemed none of the Bombers lines could get untracked. The first period ended with no scoring as both defenses held the offense in check. And Amherst checked and checked. Amherst opened the scoring with a power play on a rebound with 7:52 left to play in the second period. At 5:49 they crashed the net and poked one in to close the scoring at 2-0 Amherst in the second. In the third period with only 2:39 left to play Amherst opened it up on a breakaway to make it 3-0. Only 40 seconds later with less than two minutes left to play Amherst closed out the game with a centering pass out in front for a final score 4-0. Westfield’s weekend play has them at 3-3 in the GSL standings.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 7, Ludlow 1
Saturday, November 9, 2013, Smead Arena
Division: PeeWee 3

The Westfield Jr. Bombers have started this season with winning their past 4 games, and continue to win with an impressive win over Ludlow. The game began with an unassisted goal by Nick Langlois, which was followed by a goal from Ludlow tying up the game 1 – 1. Westfield then went ahead with a second goal scored by Noah DuBoff assisted by Kaitlyn Forest. The first period ended with Westfield ahead 2 – 1. In the second period the Westfield Jr. Bombers continued to keep Ludlow from scoring with the outstanding defensive plays by Alyssa Warren, Thea Glenzel, Steven Shaw and Ian Lemieux. Not to mention all the amazing stops from goalie, Brian Daly. Westfield then advanced their lead to 3 – 1 in the second period with an unassisted goal by Reid Hannan. In the third period, Westfield’s strong offensive line of Cory Boulay, Keely Connor, Noah DuBoff, Clarissa (CJ) Jarrell, Kurt Toomey, Reid Hannan, Kaitlyn Forest and Nick Langlois advanced Westfield’s lead with executing “smart” passing plays. Westfield went ahead 4 – 1 with another unassisted goal, known as the famous “garage shot” by Reid Hannan. Reid’s goal was then followed by another goal by Nick Langlois assisted by Kurt Toomey to make the score 5 – 1. Westfield then advanced to 6 – 1 with another unassisted goal by Reid Hannan. Westfield’s final goal was made by Clarissa (CJ) Jarrell which was assisted by Alyssa Warren to make the final score of the game 7 – 1. Westfield won a very tough physical game against Ludlow today. The Pee Wee 3 team this season is showing excellent teamwork with both their offensive and defensive lines working very well together, along with the “phenomenal glove” of goalie, Brian Daly. Job well done Westfield Jr. Bombers……. keep up the great teamwork.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 9, Brattleboro 2
Sunday, November 10, 2013, Nelson Withinton Rink
Division: PeeWee 3

The Westfield Jr. Bombers continue to dominant this season with another win against Brattleboro today. Westfield struck early with a goal by Keely Connor with a rebound in the crease. Brattleboro then followed our goal by tying up the game 1 – 1. Our strong defensive plays by Alyssa Warren, Steven Shaw and Ian Lemieux kept Brattleboro away from scoring on goalie Brian Daly. Our next two goals came from Reid Hannan, which were both unassisted goals advancing Westfield to 3 – 1. The first period ended with Westfield ahead 3 – 1 with Captain Thea Glenzel playing strong blue line defense where she brought the puck deep into the zone allowing solid offensive production. The offensive line continued to advance their lead in the second period. Goal # 4 was scored by Kurt Toomey unassisted at the face off near the blue line to make Westfield’s lead 4 – 1. Westfield’s next goal was scored again by Kurt Toomey assisted by Reid Hannan in a well executed play advancing Westfield’s lead 5 – 1. Brattleboro scored another goal, which was then followed by a nice pad save by Westfield’s goalie Brian Daly keeping the score down to 5 – 2. Westfield then went on the attack to score 2 more goals. Goal # 6 came from Noah DuBoff which was an unassisted goal from the red center line, followed by another unassisted goal, known as the famous “garage shot” from Reid Hannan advancing Westfield’s lead to 7 – 2 to end the second period. In the third period Westfield advanced their lead to 9 – 2 by scoring two more “scrum” goals. Goal # 8 was a “scrum” goal by Noah DuBoff, which went from the strong offensive line of Reid Hannan, Keely Connor to Noah DuBoff. The final goal of the game was another “scrum” goal by our strong defensive player Alyssa Warren, who played an excellent game. The Westfield Jr. Bombers have remained undefeated this season so far and are 6 and 0. The impressive teamwork today was made possible with smart “passing” plays by the offensive line of Keely Connor, Reid Hannan, Noah DuBoff, Clarissa (CJ) Jarrell, Nick Langlois, Kurt Toomey and Kaitlyn Forest along with the outstanding defensive plays by Thea Glenzel, Alyssa Warren, Ian Lemieux and Steven Shaw. Lastly our awesome win today would not have been possible without the impressive “glove” of goalie, Brian Daly. Excellent game today Westfield Jr. Bombers……we are so proud of all of you.

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