Westfield Youth Hockey Report

wyh_logoHoly Name 6, Westfield Jr. Bombers 2
Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Olympia Ice Center, West Springfield, MA
Division: Peewee 3

The short-handed Westfield Jr. Bombers played a great game against Holy Name at Olympia Ice Center this weekend. Defenders Ian Lemieux, Madison Fox, Elyse Eidinger and Jake Rix played solid hockey, working hard to keep a strong Holy Name team at bay. Goaltender Mackenzie Rae was amazing in the net, with 27 saves for the day. The offensive line is growing stronger every day, and they put together several strong runs throughout the game. Ethan Clarke started it off for the Jr. Bombers, netting one during a long breakaway drive. Trent Viamari came close on a couple of later breakaways, but couldn’t find the back of the net. The McKellick brothers, Daniel and Liam also had several strong offensive runs, but it was Clarke who tallied the 2nd Jr. Bombers goal of the game. In the end, Holy Name took the win, despite a great game played by all of the Jr. Bombers.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 10, Pioneer Valley Lightning 8
Saturday, November 15, 2014, Olympia Ice Arena, West Springfield, MA
Division: Mite 1

The Westfield Jr. Bombers had a heated battle with the Pioneer Valley Lightning for the first of two meetings this weekend. Westfield’s Sean McMahon would start the goal swapping game just under five minutes into play, but PVL would not let allow Westfield the lead for long with a goal of their own less than ten minutes later. Jesse Spear would net Westfield’s second goal while PVL retaliated with their second by Westfield goaltender, Francis Powers. Jake Jarrell netted goal #3 for Westfield and PVL would come back with two, taking the lead for the first time in the game, but not for long as Westfield’s Evan Grant and Sawyer King with an assist by Brayden Czarnecki. Additional goals for the Jr. Bombers were by Joey Roselli, Katie Collins, Jarrell and Czarnecki. Powers would end the game with 26 of 34 shots saved.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 15, Pioneer Valley Lightning 15
Sunday, November 16, 2014, Olympia Ice Arena, West Springfield, MA
Division: Mite 1

The Lightning brought their ‘A’ game in this, their second match against the Jr. Bombers this weekend. PVL started out strong scoring three goals right off the bat. Gwenn Hosmer, assisted by Evan Grant, would get Westfield on the score-board 16-minutes into the game. Katie Collins would net Westfield’s second goal, the first of her hat-trick goals. The game would continue to be a nail-biter as both teams traded goals throughout with additional goals for the Jr. Bombers by Jesse Spear for two, Sawyer King and Darrin Schnopp both for hat-tricks, and Joey Roselli, Sean McMahon and Evan Michelucci for one a piece. Goaltender Francis Powers had his work cut out for him with the constant stream of shots, but came through with 18 saves in this tie game.

Holy Name 6, Westfield Jr. Bombers 3
Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Olympia Ice Center, West Springfield, MA
Division: Squirt 3

The Westfield Jr. Bombers went stick to stick against well matched up Holy Name today. Jack Cashman was in the net today, he played a tremendous game, saving 33 of the attempts made on goal by Holy Name. The Bombers defense was in top form today with Kailyb Santiago leading the charge. Excellent passing and stick handling was seen throughout the game by Michael Miller, Case Viamari and Garrette Ondrick. The Rodgers brothers were a force to be reckoned with as they stole the puck from Holy Name and made attempts on goal. In the first period Reid Imbriglio made an attempt on goal after a dramatic break away only to miss, Reid dialed it in and scored on goal with the assist by J.J. Fox. The second goal, also during the 1st period, was made unassisted by Nolan Lafayette with only 1:18 seconds left on the clock. Wow, what an exciting 1st period! During the 2nd Holy Name tied the game in the first 20 seconds of the period. The Bombers continued to keep the pressure on with excellent defense and thoughtful passing and stick handling. With 7 minutes and 18 seconds left on the clock, and one of Holy Name players in the penalty box, J.J. Fox, unassisted, made the 3rd goal of the game during the power play! Bryce Alconis made a final attempt at goal. A total of 11 attempts were made on goal by Westfield, great job everyone.

Westfield Jr. Bombers 7, Franklin County 6
Sunday, November 16, 2014, at Collins-Moylan Ice Arena, Greenfield, MA
Division: Squirt 3

This chilly Sunday morning the Westfield Jr. Bombers went to battle with undefeated Franklin County Hockey Association, and crushed them with a final score of 7 to 6. Jack Cashman was the Jr. Bombers goalie today with a total of 34 saves. Jack did a great job of anticipating the FCHA’s moves and stopped several attempts at goal with difficult glove saves, excellent job Jack! The player who ruled the game today was most definitely J.J. Fox; he made an outstanding 6 unassisted goals against FCHA. J.J. rocketed the puck at the FCHA goalie to win the game for Westfield with 48 seconds left on the clock. Bryce Alconis had an excellent game today, he made his first ever goal in the 3rd period with 6 minutes 37 seconds left on the clock, way to go Bryce! In the first period Bryce Alconis and Kailyb Santiago’s defensive tactics kept FCHA at bay. In the second, Case Viamari disrupted the FCHA offensive line multiple times to keep the puck out of the Bomber’s zone. The third period was truly a sight to be seen, the fans were on their feet and the crowd went wild, as the Bombers muscled their way from being down 2 goals to winning the game! Nolan Lafayette effectively removed the puck from the Bomber’s zone and made several break aways with attempts at goal. Spencer Roy did a tremendous job defeating an attempt at goal by FCHA, Spencer took care of business! Mason Garrity also was a force to be reckoned with as he fired the puck out of the Bomber’s zone to fellow teammates. Sara McMahon, Michael Miller, Garrette Ondrick, Sean Rodgers, Ryan Rodgers, Ryan DeFalco, Reid Imbriglio, and John Lacey all played a fantastic game today; congratulations Westfield Jr. Bombers Squirt 3, great job everyone! – Courtesy of Westfield Youth Hockey

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