Westfield Youth Hockey team donates to Mayflower Marathon

Westfield Youth Hockey PeeWee White

WESTFIELD – Nothing seems normal these days, and that includes the fundraising of one local youth hockey team. The Westfield Youth Hockey PeeWee White Team chose to raise funds for the Rock 102 Mayflower Marathon in lieu of raising funds to attend a hockey tournament this season, as traveling for tournaments was not advisable.
Coach Chuck Granger wanted the team to work towards a service project, and he knew the Mayflower Marathon, a 52-hour radiothon hosted by Rock 102’s Mike Baxendale and John O’Brien to benefit the Open Pantry of Springfield, was the perfect opportunity for the team.
“I want to give the kids a sense of helping to feed people who may not know where their next meal may come from,” Grangers said. “We all take for granted the food we eat; some people aren’t as lucky.”
The team raised more than $700 for the Mayflower Marathon.
“It’s amazing,” said PeeWee Jacob Pelkey, of Southwick. “I’m happy so many will have food to eat on Thanksgiving.”
Granger knows hockey has been quite the challenge this season with new player and rink regulations along with a two-week shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but he wanted the team to be part of something more important than scoring a game-winning goal or winning a trophy in a tournament.
“It feels good to know when we work as a team, good things happen,” PeeWee Max Graham, of Southwick said. “I’m happy we can help people who maybe couldn’t have had a Thanksgiving.”
PeeWee Karley Bullock, of Westfield admits she would have liked to raise money to go to a hockey tournament but is happy to fundraise to help people eat. Her teammate, Mark Beaulieu, of Westfield said: ““It feels good to help others have a nice Thanksgiving.”
Granger is proud of his team for getting behind this project. “I believe youth sports is more than teaching kids how to play a game,” he said. “It’s more about teaching them the lessons that will make them better people, not just good athletes.”
Addressing his team, Granger said, “Be proud of yourselves. You have done something that is much more important than any win you will ever earn. You helped other people.” – Courtesy of Colleen Cekovsky

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