Whip City Fiber expands to nine new areas

WESTFIELD – Residents of nine more city neighborhoods will soon have access to Whip City Fiber.

Westfield Gas and Electric General Manager Thomas P. Flaherty Sr. announced expansion plans April 7 following a favorable vote of the Municipal Light Board.

“It is an exciting time for Westfield,” said Flaherty in a written statement. “We hope that residents in these newly selected areas appreciate the value of locally owned internet and take advantage of our reliable high-speed service. Given the importance of internet access over the last year, we want the community to know that we are committed to continuing our expansion in Westfield. This 12-month plan is just the beginning. Our long-range plan will allow us to serve all of Westfield by 2025.”

Five years ago Westfield Gas and Electric launched Whip City Fiber, with plans to bring locally owned gigabit internet to Westfield. Currently, 70 percent of Westfield has access to Whip City Fiber and over 5,000 customers are connected, according to Westfield Gas and Electric Marketing and Communications Manager Lisa Stowe.

Flaherty said the company is gearing up for the construction season with plans to expand Whip City Fiber service to nine new areas in Westfield over the next 12 months.

The following areas are lined up for construction starting this summer. Some areas will be ready for installation by early fall.

  • Upper Montgomery Road area, Wyben
  • Meadow Street area, St. Paul and Hanover streets to Sycamore Street
  • White Street area, Main Street to East Bartlett Street
  • Orange Street area, Elm Street to Ford Avenue
  • Franklin Street area, Provin Terrace to Kellogg Street
  • Franklin Street area, Shepard Street to Franklin Avenue
  • Russell Road area, Tekoa Country Club
  • Hampton Ponds area
  • Mainline Drive

Stowe said anyone living in the above areas who has not signed up for Whip City Fiber should visit and sign up today. If you signed up in the past, Whip City Fiber will be in touch with you as soon as service is available in your neighborhood.

Whip City Fiber offers high-speed internet service for $69.95 per month, with additional services such as phone service for $12.95 per month. The local customer service staff is available to assist customers, including phone support for setting up streaming service.

“Westfield Gas and Electric and Whip City Fiber thanks the residents of Westfield for their support throughout this extensive project. We are excited to add new customers by connecting more of the city,” said Flaherty.


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