Accident shuts down Montgomery Road

WESTFIELD–Montgomery Road was shut down for a period of time Tuesday by police after a vehicle struck a tree during the morning hours.

According to Westfield Police, a report came in just before 5 a.m. Tuesday morning of a vehicle that struck a tree on Montgomery Road. One person was reported injured following the accident.

According to the report, the vehicle had reportedly slid on black ice on Montgomery Road, and the vehicle then proceeded to strike a tree. The area was closed off by Massachusetts State Police, according to Westfield Police Capt. Michael McCabe, which was where there is a hairpin turn along the road.

The only occupant of the vehicle had reportedly gotten themselves out of the vehicle. However, they had complaints of injuries following the crash, according to the report.

The injured party was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital for treatment, via Westfield Fire ambulance and personnel.

A tow truck was also reported at the scene.

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